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In talks with Shadya Karawi Name, spiritual mentor & astrologist

Konse Astro Capsule Shadya Karawi Name Entrevista

During this Q&A we speak with our beloved Shadya Karawi Name, entrepreneur with multiple passions and an innovative spiritual mentor who has helped bring transformations in the lives of thousands of people around the world through her unique Intuitive Love Healing method.

What were your first steps in astrology? What attracted you to this world?

Astrology has fascinated me since I was a child. I clearly remember how every time I went to the supermarket with my mother I would run to the magazine stands to read the back of them, where the horoscopes were. It seemed fascinating to me that, without knowing me, these people could achieve so much. I started doing my Natal Chart from a very young age with various astrologers and they all, in their own way, told me the same thing. This seemed magical to me. What was it about that drawing that made people who didn’t know each other describe me the same way? When I finally arrived to Barcelona I decided dive deep into this, to know myself better, realizing that, ultimately, we are much more than what a horoscope says in the back of a magazine 😉

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How do you apply astrology to your day to day life?

It’s in everything. Now that I know where I have the moon or the ascendant or my north node, it is easier for me to navigate the experiences that life brings me. There are always astrological events happening and to know my letter is to know me. So I can understand that I am being invited to heal, to integrate, to look. And I love knowing the astrological codes of the people around me and even my dogs. I think it’s a gift to be able to access all this millennial information today.

What are the differences between the solar, lunar and ascendant signs and why is it important to know them?

Our solar sign is what we have always known. I’m a Libra. I’m Sagittarius. I’m Pisces. It is what connects deeply with who we are. It is the source of life. Our individual consciousness.

The ascendant is connected to our personality, to our physical appearance, to how we relate to others.

The moon connects to our mother, to our inner child. We talk about our emotional world, how we feel and how we move through it.

We are more than our sun sign. How do the planets define us and how can we use this information in our day to day?

I think it is important to understand our Natal Chart because it tells us about the perfect dance of the planets right at the moment of our birth. Each of the planets has unique characteristics. And, depending on our own configuration, some will have more relevance than others. And, for example, when we live transits of those planets can activate certain things in our life. When we know where the planets are in our Chart, it’s as if we had a cheat sheet to live the experiences that life brings us with greater awareness.

Can astrology be a tool for self-care?

For me, yes. It allows us to get to know each other more and, therefore, to care for each other more, to love each other more, to respect each other more, to honor each other more. It gives us the possibility to better attend to our rhythms and processes. To be more compassionate with ourselves. To hear us more clearly.

What characteristics do each of the signs have in relation to self care?

Aries is very fast, it needs its routines to be quick and effective, to see quick results, to be able to apply simple things.

Taurus can go slower in full connection with enjoyment and luxury.

Geminis, their key is variety, they like to try different things, different products and textures.

Cancer seeks to nurture itself, it has to be everything really from the heart, which are sustainable and loving things with the other beings of the earth.

For Leo, everything that can help him shine more, to connect with their light and their fire, that allows them to embrace their leadership.

Virgo prefers to do things that are oriented towards steps and details, look for products and routines that have clear steps to follow.

Libra prefiere cosas que sea bellas y que cuando las vean activen sus sentidos y desde ese lugar y esa conexión con sus sentidos pueda utilizarlos.

Scorpio likes intense, deep things that help them connect with full enjoyment.

For Sagittarius, something that is imported from other cultures, especially Korean and Japanese brands.

Capricorn, for them it is important that there are effective routines and simple steps to follow that bring results.

Aquarius tend to be attracted to everything different such as using masks of different textures.

For Pisces, it is important to make time  for enjoyment and tend to like things connected to fantasy, that feel very soft on the skin.

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