Astro Capsule Leo Season

Leo Season


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Astro Capsule: Leo Season is here. It is here to invite us to embrace courage and bravery.

Dare to be unapologetically YOU.

To step into our power.

To acknowledge our strength.

To stand firmly as a magical magnet to attract all that we desire.

Leo invites us to share our gifts with the world.

Through Astro Capsule: Season of Leo, we want to take you through a journey towards inner strength and abundance. In our Astro Capsule we have:

KÖNSE Sugar Balance Herbal Tea, which will give you a boost of energy and well-being, so you can step into your power:

  • Specifically formulated to help maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Boosts metabolism and energy levels.
  • Stimulates physical and neural activity
  • Improves concentration, memory and alertness.

Wisdow Neroli Toner will give you hydrated and luminous skin, protecting against stress and environmental pollution:

  • Helps to tone and rebalance the skin’s pH.
    Offers protection against stress and environmental pollution.
    Calms and moisturises.
    Helps effective penetration of products that follow the facial routine.

Three units of Cosmic Dealer’s delicious Chocolate Chakra, with Turmeric and Coconut, activates our Solar Plexus, inviting us to connect deeply with who we ARE.

  • Chakra: Strength
  • Just 1g of Sugar per Date Chakra.

And a beautiful citrine, energetically activated, to enhance the abundance in your life.

All this accompanied by a special message to accompany you and help guide you through this season.

You can buy this box individually or subscribe by clicking here and receive a magic box of each of the signs every month at a special price of 40 euros.


AstroRitual: Spend a couple of days with yourself, sitting in deep devotion. Bring you citrine to your Solar Plexus and visualize all that you want to magnetize into your life. Feel it. Expand it. Know it’s already happening for you. Enjoy your chocolate with your tea, while you apply gently your toner to your face, calling in the flow of abundance into your life.


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