Astro Capsule: Cancer Season

Cancer Season


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Astro Capsule: Cancer season is here. Inviting us to go into the depths of our souls. That sacred temple that allows us to go through this human experience.

Cancer, in its deep connection with our mothers and how we mother ourselves.

With the moon and all of the range of emotions that are within us. 

This beautiful season is calling us to nourishment, compassion and patience. It is leading us to create a home, wherever we go, to feel held and supported.

Cancer is opening up our hearts. It is calling us into our feminine magnetism. It is connecting us with deep self-care.

It is asking us to honor our cycles. Our process. Our path.

Through this season’s Astro Capsule we want to take you through a journey into our hearts:

We have the nourishing Skin Radiance Herbal Infusion, that gently reduces inflammation and helps promote our body’s natural detoxification process for healthy, radiant skin.  It is an infusion created to raise the luminosity in your skin, with a combination of ingredients that will surprise you: mango, hibiscus, turmeric, calendula, pink pepper, rosehip…

The magical Rose-Coco facial oil, which helps to cope with anxiety, find balance and connect with the Inner Self.

3 units of the delicious Hazelnut and Rose Dark Chocolate from Cosmic Dealer, to reconnect you with your inner wisdom.

And a magical rose quartz, energetically activated, to enhance your love of self.

And a very special message that will accompany you and help guide you during this season.


AstroRitual: Sit in front of a mirror. Look at yourself in the reflection. Feel the love emanating. The recognition. The arrival back home into yourself. Apply your oil gently through your face, while you sip your infusion and eat your chocolate. Have your rose quartz with you, so it is charged with the sacredness of this ceremonial encounter with yourself.


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