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Clean Up Your Skincare Routine: How to Combat Pollution Damage on Your Skin

Living in big cities has many benefits, endless things to do, being in a cultural epicenter and thousands of options when it comes to cafes, restaurants and bars. However there are also some  drawbacks and one of them is environmental pollution. Studies have shown that there is a clear correlation between air pollution spikes and the likelihood of skin problems. This is because the pollution particles are very small and can penetrate the pores of the skin, causing inflammation, irritation and cell damage. This can lead to premature aging of the skin, dark spots, loss of firmness and elasticity, and uneven skin tone.

Environmental pollution causes inflammation, damages collagen, disrupts the skin’s barrier, and consequently can accelerate skin aging. To combat this the skin needs a second line of defense that strengthens the skin barrier.

There are several ways we can take to protect our skin from pollution, such as:

  • A good cleansing routine: It is important to cleanse the skin daily to remove the buildup of pollutants, sweat, and oils that accumulate on the skin.
  • Antioxidants: The use of products rich in antioxidants such as vitamins C and E can help neutralize free radicals that are produced as a result of exposure to pollution.
  • Sun protection: exposure to the sun can worsen the effects of pollution on the skin. Therefore, it is important to use a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays.
  • Hydration: Keeping skin hydrated helps maintain its natural protective barrier and reduces cell damage caused by pollution.

We’ve put together a city-proof skincare guide you didn’t know you needed, rounding up anti-pollution products that fight pollutants in the environment. Below, we present our recommendations.

A revolutionary lightweight detoxifying, silicone free gel-primer absorbs instantly creating the ultimate protected, smooth surface; hydratioin levels are visibly boosted, the skin’s natural healthy barrier function is noticeably strengthened while wrinkles and pores are blurred to create healthy, flawless looking skin. It’s enriched with an Anti-Pollution Shield Complex that acts as a physical barrier between your complexion and blue light, allowing your skin to function formally. A Prebiotic-Peptide helps to ensure a more balanced surface, supporting natural epidermal barrier function to protect against external aggressors and reduce the risk of water loss. Thanks to Ganoderma Mushroom Extract, the primer targets inflammation and oxidation, improving the appearance of damage and lines. Finished off with a Gel-Primer Base Complex, which is completely silicone-free, the formula works to blur the look of pores and wrinkles for the ultimate smoothed canvas.

An advanced mist that contains skin retexturing actives Phyto-Peptide-1, Tri-Hyaluronan Complex and Anti-Pollution complex to visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles while providing instant dermal hydration and protection against pollution.

Helps get rid of the burden of stress and toxins in your body and boost your mental and physical energy. A powerful formula with Chlorella and Spirulina, two algae well-known for their regenerative properties, in addition Lucuma, a powerful, plant based antioxidant, the fat burning Guarana and hemp protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. It will support your body post workout and make you feel on top.

This delicious infusion gently reduces inflammation and helps promote our body’s natural detoxification process for healthy, radiant skin. This process consists of a series of reactions in our body, in which toxins are transformed into less toxic substances, allowing our body to eliminate them much more easily. KÖNSE Skin Radiance Herbal Infusion combines different flavours: mangohibiscusrose petalsturmericcalendulagreen cardamompink pepper, cistus incanus and rosehip.

Eco Sun Shield SPF 50+ is the very high protection sunscreen from SeventyOne: la crème de la crème. Its mineral filters respect your skin and the environment, making it an excellent barrier against UVA and UVB rays. Its high-cover formula has been optimised to make it easier to apply for family use, so everyone’s protected. It can even be applied on wet skin, is water resistant so you can swim safely and is ideal for all skin types, even oily or mature skin. Encore! Made in France and tested under dermatological control.

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