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Tips for your Winter/Autumn Make Up Routine

Cold temperatures are not good for the skin of our face or for our makeup in general, so we need some extra care during these months. Below we share some tips that can help your skin look radiant and for your make-up to withstand cold days.

Prepare your skin, in winter, our skin tends to dry out, so the ideal is to use liquid and cream foundations, since they contain oils that will help us achieve a  healthy and hydrated skin.

To effortlessly achieve an even skin tone, you can mix your BB cream or foundation with your sunscreen. Add some bronzer by adding a small amount of Bronzelighter Roseate before application. Apply with fingers or a foundation brush.


Apply Bronzelighter Roseate under the cheekbones, the chin and on the temples to enhance your features and add a glow to your skin. For a little extra shine, add Celestial Strobelighter to the bridge of the nose, the high points of the cheeks, below the browbone, and on the upper lip.

Strobelighter Celestial

Apply All over Manketti color to the eyelids and cheeks with your fingers and blend evenly.

All Over Manketti

Dab All Over Gazania onto your lips for a natural “your lips but better” look.

All Over Gazania

Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. Start with the lower lashes, let it dry, then apply a coat to the upper lashes.

Apply Cristallo All over shine on the high points of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose and on top of the lip color for a subtle, natural shimmer finish.

All Over Cristallo

Finish your look by gently applying a small amount of all All over shine Cristallo to your brows for that extra fix.  

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