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The impact of hormones on our skin


It is a known fact that hormonal changes affect the state of our skin. These can occur due to different factors: external (such as the use of products with ingredients that  may alter the endocrine receptors) or internal, such as the menstrual cycle.

At KŌNSE Beauty we believe in natural and ecological skincare products, and we encourage our readers to live a healthy lifestyle (sleeping well, eating healthy and exercising) which are key to a beautiful and healthy skin.

The phases of the menstrual cycle affect our body differently, for this reason it is important to know the different phases to  better understand this important process. The cycle begins on the first day of bleeding, in the so-called follicular phase. This will last approximately 14 days, until the moment of ovulation. During this stage is when we secrete a hormone (FSH) that promotes immature eggs to begin to mature, generating oestrogens.

The high levels of oestrogens favour the creation of collagen in our skin, which makes it look smoother and more radiant. Other external factors that can help with collagen production, are vitamin C and maintaining a good hydration.

It is important to avoid products and foods that contain false hormones that can bind to our oestrogen receptors. An excess of these can cause hyperpigmentation and small pimples.

The second phase of the cycle is the luteal phase. During this phase all the unfertilized follicles will begin to degenerate, producing progesterone in the process. The drop in oestrogen makes the skin look dull, for this reason we recommend a good massage to promote good circulation.

During this phase, androgenic dominance (these are the male-type hormones) can occur, giving rise to cystic acne. The skin can secrete more sebum, it is important to clean the skin without drying it to prevent it from continuing to produce excess sebum.

In this phase, the drop in oestrogens  leads to a decrease in serotonin and dopamine, and thus the cravings for chocolate, pastries, sugar … This is precisely the stage in which we should consume less sugar, because they stimulate the production of insulin which has a negative impact on the skin.

And what about menopause? During this process, there is a drop in oestrogen and progesterone, which is especially noticeable in the drop in collagen in the body. The consumption of vitamin C and Omega 7 can be very positive, although it is such an extensive topic that it deserves a separate article which will follow soon!

Best sellers for a beautiful skin this summer

Let’s talk about how to get a radiant skin throughout our entire cycle!

Always follow a proper beauty routine. We talked a while ago about the benefits of double cleansing , this is especially important during these times when we have the most rebellious and unstable skin.

There are incredible options that help remove dirt and makeup without damaging the skin and respecting its natural balance. We recommend, for example, Les Huilettes facial cleanser.

On the other hand, it is essential to maintain the best possible hydration, from the inside and from the outside. Drinking a lot of water is a must for this, but the skin always appreciates good external support.

Nuori’s line, Infinity Bio, is without a doubt one of our favourites. For daytime hydration you will love the Catalyst Day, a cream rich in antioxidants and vitamin B3 (niacinamide), which promotes fuller and smoother skin. During the night, the Renewal Night cream will soothe and regenerate your skin while you sleep. As the eye contour is more delicate and requires other care, you can complement your routine with its Bio-Fusion Eye Serum.

One last tip to keep your skin radiant this summer: exfoliate. If you want to keep your skin in its best possible health, don’t forget to incorporate an exfoliant into your routine at least once a week. This will also help your tan to be more natural and uniform, although do not forget to choose a good sun protection.

For exfoliation, one of our favourites is the facial exfoliant from Wisdom Cares, as it helps remove impurities, revitalize and soothe the skin.

If you are interested in learning more about the whole topic of hormonal changes and how they affect our skin, you should see the talk we had with Marta Marce on IG.

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