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Interview of Chloé Millet, founder of Wisdom Cares


Wisdom Cares is a brand of Wild Beauty made by Nature. Created in 2016 by Chloé Millet, a French woman, based in Barcelona. So much of skincare is intimidating, complicated and confusing for most women. Wisdom Cares is a simple, effective range of skin essentials based on super hero botanical ingredients.

1. What does skincare and wellbeing mean to you?

The body shows us emotional conflicts with pain or illness that we have to attend to. For this reason, when we talk about wellbeing, we have to contemplate it in a much broader way at all levels, not only physical, but also mental, emotional and even spiritual. We are not completely healthy if we do not consider all of them. And of course, skincare is part of it, it’s a ritual of showing love and caring for your skin. We are body, mind and soul; therefore, we must take into account all that set. This is WELLBEING to me.

2. What is your daily self-care routine?

First thing in the morning I stretch slowly to wake up my body. Then, I cleanse, tone and hydrate, but if I don’t have time at all, moisturizing would be the one thing I still manage to throw on even if I’m literally running out the door. I would also say, additionally to moisturizer, natural oil blends. I LOVE oils for my face. Also, a glass of warm water with lemon for good skin – never skip the importance of this – beauty really really really comes from within – You must be cleansed and function properly from within in order for your skin to be in good condition. Never underestimate that!

3. You have a range of beautifully designed skincare products. What do you look for in these products that fits with your values? 

Incredible aroma! When a product is all full natural, the smell is generally not taken into account and they tend to smell like mud or rotten fruit. For us, the sense of smell transports oneself to the world of sensations, and that is precisely our intention, to take our consumers to those personal and good places where they want and deserve to be.

We are on a mission of awareness, sustainability and education. Our products are vegan and their packaging are respectful to the planet. Wisdom Cares is an honest and transparent message in all stages of production, labelling and communication (NO greenwashing).

– Low waste, minimal packaging, with no additional unnecessary packaging,

– Wisdom Cares is an expert in renewal, reinvention and innovation. We always want to improve ourselves and improve our packaging and formulas. – We invite people to create a new slow, rich, and clean lifestyle, stepping away from toxicities.

4. What do the following terms mean for you? 

  • Clean: Using clean ingredients that means products that won’t harm our bodies (or the environment).
  • Organic: strictly refers to ingredients that are farmed without pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers and it is non-GMO.
  • Natural: products can´t contain chemicals
  • Sustainable: describe products using environmentally-friendly formulations, production practices or packaging methods.  “sustainable” cosmetics are defined as cosmetic products using natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials.
  • Ethical: means that it doesn’t harm the planetbut it’s not so board that the word sustainable.

5. What is the story behind the launch of your own natural and sustainable skin care brand?

The Wisdom Cares story is a true story about true love. That LOVE with capital letters that is unconditional, transcendental, committed and at the same time free. Wisdom Cares is the mission that has become the brand from my passion about the natural world, activist and visionary of the green magic that is hidden in the depths of plants. I wanted to be the voice of green conscience.

I grew up in the countryside south of Paris surrounded by trees and flowers. When I was a baby, I rejected meat, I never wanted to eat or hurt an animal, so my parents fastly gave up and ended up understanding my vegan thinking. I was also obsessed with natural flowers, so entrepreneur by nature, at the age of 7, I was making my own natural perfumes and selling them at school. As a very young kid I knew that embracing and protecting all natural was my thing. However, I went down the path of business and fashion and at some point, I felt disconnected from my inner child, slow, wild and natural in every way. Something had to be done to find my essence back. However, the universe works in so many mysterious ways.

When I was 33 years old, life hit me like a big monolith and the deepest transformation began. I experience what true love really means, the one that transcends everything, even loss. My partner and greatest love had a serious accident that led to a traumatic brain injury and he stayed in a hospital bed for over a year until he passed away. Life after this will never be the same for me. I held his hand until the very end, never leaving his side and trying everything to make his life better: essential oils in the room, formulations of oils to heal the bedsores, creams to hydrate his body and most of all tons of love and tenderness.

His death was the hardest experience of my life… everything was lost, even me.

I took refuge on traveling to south Asia and ended on the shores of Bali. There, surrounded and protected by the “wisdom” of mama nature, the loss of my love became the most powerful inspiration. I, in his name, had to rise and wake up to the miracle of life and also death. To find my light, my purpose, live again and smile… from the heart. I understood all about the most precious things in life. How to stop time, acceptance, resilience, really care for others, the planet and remain present, true to myself. Wisdom Cares was born as a beautiful healing path towards my destiny. Now it is a fully developed brand that also helps others on their green discovery journey. As I told you it’s a real love story.

6. What do you feel more grateful for?

Living of my passion, really grateful to have find my path.

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