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Our 10 top natural, organic and sustainable facial oils


Currently, it is proven that facial oils can be beneficial for all skin types, regardless of whether it is combination, dry or oily skin. The important thing is to learn to identify the ones that best suit our needs.

Here are our top 10 effective and gentle facial oils depending on your skin type.

1.For all type of skin: Merme Facial Beauty Elixir Rose Hip Oil

The oil extracted from rosehip contains a large amount of essential fatty acids and vitamins, which can offer multiple benefits.

This 100% organic facial oil is composed of antioxidants, vitamins, omega 3 and 6, which allows it to be an excellent ally to improve the appearance of the skin. Helps reduce expression lines and scars.

2. For skin with imperfections: Nuori – Perfecting Facial Oil

An oil created specifically to adapt to the natural lipid balance of our face. Because of its rosehip oil, evening primrose and its mixture of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids content, it manages to get rid of age marks, as well as any other type of blemishes. In addition, it has grape seed and apricot oil, which makes it a deep moisturizer, but easily absorbed.

3. For dry and dull skin: Alex Carro Balancing Facial Oil

This oil contains precious, essential oils that nourish skin and bring back it’s natural glow. Give your skin the ultimate healthy, radiant, instant glow it deserves with our powerful blend of precious skin regenerating botanical oils such as Argan Oil, Rice Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, rich in essential fatty acids.

4. For tight skin: Wisdom Cares Rosehip Neroli Facial Oil

Contains essential active ingredients to promote skin elasticity and give radiance, such as avocado pit oil. In addition, its orange blossom oil content stimulates the growth of skin cells.

5. For skin with pigmentation: Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Facial Oil

It is an antioxidant oil that reduces and prevents blemishes and pigmentation on the skin. It has a varied mix of natural oils that make it an excellent option to keep our skin young and protected from free radicals. Contains hawthorn berry, sweet almond oil, rosehip extract and borage oil.

6. For rejuvenated skin: Mon Huilette Night

This serum is ideal for our night routine. The mixture of argan and avocado oil will make the skin of our face regenerate and hydrate, recovering its natural shine and fighting the signs of aging. In addition to this, its percentage of Ylang Ylang promotes relaxation and sleep.

7. For combination skin: Herbivore Botanicals- Orchid Antioxidant Beauty Face Oil

It is possible to use it on all skin types. If our skin is dry and dehydrated, the exotic flower oil blend will help to deeply hydrate it. On the other hand, if our skin is oily, the oil is light enough to be quickly absorbed into the skin, also offering the rest of the benefits, without increasing the production of fat.

8. For Dry Skin : BYBI Strawbery Boost

This hydrating strawberry seed oil is an excellent option to nourish the skin of our face, in a natural and organic way. It deeply moisturizes the skin giving it a smooth appearance.

9. For acne-prone skin: Sublime oils – Balancing Antimicrobial AF

This oil aims to contribute to the regulation of sebum and generate an antibacterial effect. This makes it ideal for acne-prone skin. The result is purified and luminous skin. Contains Kalahari Melon Oil, Neem Extract, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C.

10. For sensitive skin: Dafna – Serenity Oil

This is an oil created specifically to combat the influence of free radicals and pollution on the skin of our face. Protecting the skin from this type of negative effects increases its elasticity and improves its texture considerably. Composed of a selection of organic, calming and healing oils and extracts such as Arnica, Chamomile, Tanacetum (Blue Tansy), Chia and more. Soon in KŌNSE Beauty!

There are many options, with many different benefits. Choosing the natural facial oils that suit us will perfectly complete our skincare routine.

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