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Interview with Claire Auzouy, co-founder of Les Huilettes


What is the story behind the launch of your own natural and sustainable skin care brand?

Les huilettes is the alliance of Pascale’s convictions – Doctor of Pharmacy and Aromatherapist – in pursuit of efficiency and quality, and my entrepreneurial and business dynamic. We are two friends with one goal : truth, commitment and senses at the heart of beauty.

What is your daily self-care routine?

I can’t have a day without sport… so much energy, I need to use it ! Running, swimming….

For my skin, I only our products. They are so good to my skin, and to my mind! They allow me to take time for myself, to breathe, and to relax… Its just like a 3mn yoga class for my skin.

And of course, I don’t forget to laugh and cherish my loved ones 🙂

Why were you so inspired by slow cosmetics and what do you look for in these products that fits with your values?

We both had a clear goal : offer another beauty, less products and always of high quality, developed with a high concern of our ecological impact.

What do the following terms mean for you?

Clean : nothing controversial in formulas (no endocrine disruptors, no silicones …)

Natural : all products are 100% natural in origin, made from high quality ingredients selected for their efficiency and sensoriality.

Organic : all products are Organic, certified by ECOCERT, no beeswax (VEGAN certified)

Sustainable : good for the skin and good for the planet ! no palm oil at the root of deforestation problems, Recycled plastic, we use less cartons and packaging.

Ethical: respect the planet but also human beings in every step of the production, we have specific agreement with all our suppliers to ensure  their social impact

How do you choose the ingredients for Les Huilettes’ formulas ? Do you have favourite ingredients?

In her laboratory, for each creation, Pascale uses her pharmaceutical expertise to choose the natural assets with the most promising benefits: she sources these ingredients from serious partners and committed producers, concerned about organic ingredients and the planet. Each ingredient is validated for its intrinsic qualities, its colour, its smell.

We love the essential oil of Italian helichrysum which stimulates  collagen synthesis and the Hemp botanic oil which promotes healing.

What do you feel more grateful for?

All the love we receive from our customers and their positive feedback on our products! 😉

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