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Moving towards sustainable cosmetics for the environment


In 2021, everyone is already aware of the tremendous impact that humans have on the planet. The new generations fight tirelessly for a clean future or, at least, less polluted.

It is well known that one of the main problems we face is the amount of plastics and single-use materials that we consume. In recent years, this has been one of the key challenges for the cosmetic industry: revolutionizing its packaging and products to minimize negative effects on the environment.

Luckily, we can say that we are making progress. Brands in this sector are striving to reinvent themselves and experiment with new, greener formats, and regulations change reinforcing this new paradigm.

Here at KŌNSE Beauty we want to help you become aware of the problem and its  alternatives, in our continuous commitment to expanding sustainable and high-quality cosmetics.

What alternatives exist to plastic in the beauty industry?

When choosing your products, keep in mind that the use of plastics is not only limited to packaging.

Many formulas contain what is known as microplastics, or tiny pieces of plastic just millimeters in size (see some toothpastes and scrubs). Bio-certified cosmetics, of course, prohibit the use of these materials, but they are not necessary at all to obtain products of the highest quality – and less invasive for the ecosystem.

When it comes to packaging, you have a range of possibilities: if you want to start reducing your ecological footprint, go for glass, cardboard or plant-based fiber containers. All of these materials are  recyclable, and they tend to be very environmentally friendly, unless too many resources are required to get them.

As for plastic, if you have no choice but to use it, make sure it is recycled and recyclable. Give it a new life!

Finally, think that sustainability and ethics go hand in hand. If your favourite brand also guarantees you a fair and respectful treatment with its suppliers and the environment, you know you can trust them.

Consciousness and responsibility for a better world  

There are always ways to get involved in every revolution, and in this you also play a crucial role as a consumer.

From brands such as KŌNSE Beauty we are committed to sustainable alternatives, but it is up to you to choose the products that best align with your values.  

And, of course, it is everyone’s responsibility to reduce our waste, reuse packaging as much as possible, and recycle it when it is no longer useful to us.

The word says it all, ” com-ETHICS”. Let´s give it the meaning it deserves.

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