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Interview with Chloé Millet, founder of Wisdom Cares


1. What does skincare and wellbeing mean to you?  

The body shows us emotional conflicts through pain or illness that we need to pay attention too. For this reason, when we talk about wellbeing, we have to contemplate it in a much broader way, at all levels, not only physical, but also mental, emotional and even spiritual. We are not completely healthy if we do not consider all of them. And of course, skincare is part of it, it’s a ritual of showing love and caring for your skin. We are body, mind and soul; therefore, we must take into account all that set. This is WELLBEING to me.

2. What is your daily skin care routine?

First thing in the morning I stretch slowly to wake my body up. Then, I cleanse, tone and hydrate, but if I don’t have time at all, moisturising would be the one thing I still manage to fit in  even if I’m literally running out the door. I would also say, in addition to moisturising, I apply natural oil blends. I LOVE oils for my face. I also like to drink a glass of warm water with lemon that helps maintain a  good skin – never skip the importance of this – beauty really really really comes from within. Never underestimate that!

3. You have a range of beautifully designed skincare products. What do you look for in these products that fits with your values? 

– Incredible aroma! When a product is 100% natural, the smell is generally not taken into account and they tend to smell like mud or rotten fruit. For us, the sense of smell transports oneself to the world of sensations, and that is precisely our intention, to take our consumers to those personal and good places where they want and deserve to be.

– We are on a mission of awareness, sustainability and education. Our products are vegan and their packaging are respectful to the planet. Wisdom Cares is an honest and transparent message in all stages of production, labelling and communication (NO greenwashing).

– Low waste, minimal packaging, with no additional unnecessary packaging,

– Wisdom Cares is an expert in renewal, reinvention and innovation. We always want to improve ourselves and improve our packaging and formulas. We invite people to create a new slow, rich, and clean lifestyle, stepping away from toxicities.

4. What do the following terms mean for you? Brief descriptions . Clean: Using clean ingredients that means products that won’t harm our bodies (or the environment). Organic: strictly refers to ingredients that are farmed without pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers and it is non-GMO. Natural: products can´t contain chemicals Sustainable: describe products using environmentally-friendly formulations, production practices or packaging methods.  “sustainable” cosmetics are defined as cosmetic products using natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials. Ethical: means that it doesn’t harm the planet but it’s not so board that the word sustainable.

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