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KŌNSE Beauty, a new era of beauty


Welcome home!

KŌNSE Beauty was born to connect us and return us to a place of full consciousness through beauty and healthy well-being.

KŌNSE Beauty is an exclusive online platform for conscious consumers looking for honest and sustainable beauty and wellness products.

We bring honest, organic, natural, sustainable and ethical products to your home.

Beauty begins within; in how we treat our bodies, minds and environment. That is why the type of choices and decisions we make on a daily basis is so important.

Over the years the Kōnse team has found it difficult to make conscious and wise decisions when it comes to beauty products. There are so many options and so much information that… what is truly natural, organic, healthy, beneficial for us? What about greenwashing? What should we take into account as consumers? How and what do we choose? Surely this sounds familiar …

We have also found ourselves in situations with oversaturation of information, brands, products that all seemed wonderful, useful and the solution to what we were looking for. We also been unsure on what choices to make. We have gone crazy trying to discern … without sometimes reaching any conclusion that would convince us.

Our passion for natural remedies, knowing their full potential first-hand, realizing the great difficulty that exists to access certain European brands, the great saturation of “natural” products and the often false claims led us to create this space as a result of the real desire to improve our health and help us live a truly holistic and conscious life.

Prevention of diseases and a state of health do not depend only on diet or physical activity. We must be aware of the products we apply to our skin, another way of nourishing ourselves, in addition to what this gesture means not only for us but also for the environment. Today it is not only about taking care of the skin but also of the planet.

Skin care is much more than just a superficial treatment; we must stay informed and find the time to research, read, and learn. Nowadays we all have very busy lives to dedicate as much time as we would like to this but from KŌNSE Beauty we want to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make your own conscious decisions. We curate the information so that it is easier for you, simpler … And we assure you of the authenticity of what has been investigated in full depth. We test these brands, mostly European and with a high standard in sustainability and transparency, and collect them here, in our particular and unique Universe.

We also organize talks and workshops to empower ourselves  through information, inspiration and conversations that allow to learn, grow and empower to be able to distinguish and make informed decisions that lead you towards a conscious lifestyle.

We hope you love this project!

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