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How to integrate recycling in our lives


At KŌNSE we are concerned about our health and about the health of the planet. We believe in beauty and in a healthy and responsible, clean, organic, natural, sustainable and ethical lifestyle. We pursue sustainability and wellness at the same time. We do not believe in living in a place where both dimensions are separate. For us, caring for the skin must be linked to caring for the planet and caring for it, must undoubtedly allow us to continue being within us, respecting ourselves and offering ourselves what we need.

This is the path that we believe in and that we share through our platform. A sincere respect for the environment and a search for personal care under a lens that integrates organic and natural solutions.

We want to reduce the carbon footprint, by not using plastics in the composition of the products nor in their packaging; We are committed to incorporating recyclable materials, ingredients that feed the body while respecting everything around us, taking care of the skin and the forests, the oceans and the seas, the air and the earth.

Our proposal is based on holistic formulas that seek physical and emotional harmony through beauty, cosmetic and healthy routines that respect the planet.

We believe in the three Greenpeace 3 R’s that precisely seek to foster that respect in the world in which we live. According to this organization, responsible consumption should seek:

·Reduce. Generate the least amount of waste possible through a life as zero waste as possible (bet on reusable, buy in bulk, avoid products with packaging or for discreet and minimal packaging; ensure that it is recyclable; consume products to reduce CO2 emissions that exist in transport, among other habits).

·Re-use. Use each product as many times as possible.

·Recycle. Separate the waste generated by types and take them to their corresponding containers.

Waste sorting leads to a much more effective recycling process and increases the usefulness of the recycled materials. To find out the most appropriate container for each waste, please consult the Ecoembes website. Sort correctly. The better we sort, the better the quality of the recycled materials will be.

YellowPlastic bottles and containers, metal containers (cans, aluminum trays, sprays, deodorant cans …) and milk bricks, juices or soups.
BluePaper & Cardboard
GreenGlass bottles, glass jars (such as perfumes or colognes) or food jars (jams, preserves, etc.)

According to the RAE “RECYCLING” consists of “subjecting a used material to a process so that it can be reused.”

We can recycle plastic containers, bricks, cans, glass, paper, batteries, light bulbs, electrical appliances, paper, cardboard, clothing …

Integrating recycling in our lives requires education-information and above all commitment.

Why should we recycle?

“Recycling is part of the Circular Economy, the model based on 100% use of raw materials, making use and manufacturing processes more efficient” (Ecoembes source).

Resources are limited and that is why we must try to promote a lifestyle that allows us …

· Energy saving

· Less water consumption

· Reduce CO2 emissions

· Reduce pollution and reduce climate change

· Reduce the cost of raw materials and thereby achieve greater preservation of nature.

· Give new life to products and avoid unnecessary consumption

How to start?

  • Do not consume plastic bottles. Use your own reusable bottles.
  • Say “no” to disposables since they are single-use, throw-away products.
  • Use own bags for shopping
  • Reuse the oil
  • Recycle clothes and toys; you can also donate
  • Do not waste or throw food away
  • Do not throw batteries in the trash. There are containers for them and thus we encourage their new use
  • Repair broken appliances instead of disposing of them and buying new ones (which increases consumption and reduces the amount of available resources)
  • Place each residue in its appropriate container

Choosing respectful, conscious and sustainable beauty is an individual response. It is a choice.

Recycling, as well.

At KŌNSE we are committed to respecting the environment and personal care. Together, unified.

Our bet is,





What do you choose?

For more guidelines and information on recycling and sustainability, we recommend reading to:

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