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Connection & Wellbeing through rituals


Beauty Rituals. Moments of wellbeing & peace.

Moments to reset inside & out.

Feel good rituals.

o feel physical and emotional harmony through beauty practices and healthy habits.

For us rituals are  all those practices and gestures that we repeat daily to connect with who we are, feel and recharge our spirit. Tools to create, nurture, strengthen and feel connected in a conscious way with ourselves and with the present moment.

It is a way to spend quality time alone committing ourselves to our care and well-being. A commitment to personal growth and to being connected to the present moment.

Rituals nurture us, allow us to express ourselves, to be who we are, to spend time with us, choosing how and when to dedicate ourselves to it.

And in all those rituals there is an intention.

They are opportunities to be calm, feel honest and be able to look within.

Daily rituales that accompany us throughout the day. We can start our day with them, follow other practices during our work days, and close the day and disconnect before going to bed and regenerate our entire body.

For us, rituals are sacred and have everything to do with personal care. We rely on holistic beauty products that we have collected and brought to our universe.

We like to start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and care for our skin following our morning rituals: clean, exfoliate, tone and hydrate. Some mornings we use the jade rowler (we keep it in the fridge!). Some of our favorite products:

  1. Cleanse with NOURI´s Vital Foaming Cleanser 
  2. Exfoliate twice per week with NOURI´s  Supreme Polishing Treatment
  3. Tone with Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner 
  4. Hydrate with Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Cream 
  5. Finally we apply the Mineral Defence Sunscreen de NUORI

Our nigh time routine involves cleaning  and hydrating our face it so that it feels fresh throughout the night and can regenerate during the hours of sleep. As the founders of Grown Alchemist say, it is important to have a double cleansing at night to allow adequate penetration of the assets into the night skincare regimen. After cleansing, it is essential to promote the dermal detoxification process. The “detoxification” phase combats the release of harmful free radicals and in turn improves the oxidative state of the skin, restores cell function and health, resulting in a skin prepared for active topics. “Finally we are left with the final phase of our protocol which we call activation. This step is much deeper than basic hydration. It is a process of applying serums and moisturizers to address various skin problems with ingredients that are biologically recognized and can therefore be used by the skin for superior results. ”

This time of confinement can be perfect to observe. See what kind of habits we have, how we relate to ourselves and the environment.

Being at home is making us more conscious of how our lifestyle not only affects us but it also has a significant impact on our environment.

What makes you feel good and helps you in your day to day? What are your daily rituals? What works for us is……


It helps let go of worries, thoughts, internal noises and helps with the flow of ideas …


5-10 minutes of alone time each day, sitting quietly and connecting internally with us to simply breathe and feel grounded. This time of calm and peace is regenerative!


In KŌNSE´s the team some of us choose yoga as a daily practice and practice our hatha or vinyasa sequences on the mat, connecting body, mind and spirit and moving on the mat while coordinating movement and breathing.

Others prefer something more intense and choose fitness, cardio and toning exercises.

Whichever practice you have, be it dancing, be it walking, going up and down stairs (most likely many of you are doing this during this time of confinement) moving the body is essential to keep fit and to mobilize energy, improve mood and general health.


We have already shared how important morning and night rituales are for us. Daily skin care, both face and body, as well as hair care with exfoliation treatments and masks that we apply weekly.

Take advantage of these days of confinement, find moments and spaces to take care of yourself and establish in your day to day all those practices that improve your wellbeing. Beauty rituals. Moments of wellbeing and disconnection. Moments to reset inside and out.

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