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Natural skincare in the city: A Masterclass by Alex Carro


On the 8th of November we had the pleasure to collaborate with the lovely Alex Carro in our first online event about a Masterclass  on how natural skincare can protect the skin from city living.

Thank you to those who joined us and enjoyed this session. For those of you who could not join, in this blog we want to share some conclusions about the event  to spread our knowledge on how to protect our skin from environmental or stress related pollution.  

The skin is the largest organ we have and it acts as a permeable barrier to the outside world.  We know that pollution is the second cause of premature skin ageing after sun damage, while stress decreases the protective mechanism, exposing us to further damage from allergens, environmental toxins and pollutants, this makes for a lethal combination!  How does this happen? When oxidation occurs free radicals surround us, slowing down collagen production which causes our skin to loose its elasticity, along with its ability to effectively hold water in and fight ageing. To combat this you need a product that reinforces the skin’s ability to regenerate and eliminate toxins and also blocks the entry of the particle in the first place by creating a protective layer on the skin.  

During our masterclass with Alex Carro  we discussed how natural skincare, with all its active ingredients can help clean the skin and protect it from these pollutants. 

Steps to create your own Sunday routine ritual at home with Alex Carro.

Step 1: Cleansing 

Cleansing is a fundamental step in preparing your skin for the rest of the treatment, purify and refresh. Use the Facial Cleanser  and massage onto dry skin including the neck and decollte.

Step 2: Exfoliating

Physical and enzymatic exfoliation using fruit enzymes breaks down dead skin cells and improves skin’s texture and appearance.

Use the Exfoliating Powder with the Balancing Face Oil if your skin is sensitive and dry.

If you skin feels dull use  Exfoliating Powder & Matrix Liquid.

Step 3: Treatment for radiant skin

Detox Superfood Mask works as an ideal medicine cabinet that  awakens your skin, transforming dull fatigued skin into a healthy, radiant skin! This miracle product boosts healthy skin production oxygenating cells using Coenzime Q10 & Organic Soy peptides. It contains Turmeric, Kale and malachite extract, yes you read this right, Malachite is a deep emerald, semi-precious stone, now this is a luxurious treatment! with various skin benefits including detoxing and protecting the skin from oxidate stress. The combination of all these wonderful ingredientes helps increase collagen production whilst acting as a super food for the skin.

Step 4: Massaging Ritual

Every self-care ritual should end with a good massage accompanied by an excellent facial oil, which bring various nutrients and vitamins to the deeper layers of your skin. This facial oil  is packed with antioxidants which help hydrate, regenerate and nourish your skin.  

*Help yourself to a Guasha, a roller or one of Mariona Vilanova Lifting cups for a more immediate effect.

#5 Last step

Combine the Illuminating Matrix Liquid and the Face Cream to finish with a smoother, more toned, plump and refreshed skin. Et Voila, we hope you enjoyed this sensorial & relaxing experience!

Please share with us via @konse_beauty your routine with Alex Carro skincare! 

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