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Hair Loss & How to prevent it – KŌNSE Guide


Hair loss is a common physiological process, every day we shed between 60 to 200 hairs, an amount that can vary during seasonal changes. We know it is very common, even more now during this pandemic, we have experienced it and heard our community constantly share this same concern.

Today we wanted to share some key information about the causes behind it and what we think can help.

– Genetic predisposition: The most common cause of hair loss is due to genetics, and it especially affects men. This type of baldness appears gradually as you age, causing receding of the hairline and baldness in men and a reduction in hair density and volume in women.

– Hormones. The hormonal changes that occur during childbirth, pregnancy, menopause, the menstrual cycle or associated with the thyroid can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Estrogen has a positive effect on hair growth and can prolong the growth phase of hair follicles.

Stress, physical or emotional (hi, pandemic!!). A lot of people have experienced shedding during and after the pandemic, I certainly have! Hair loss can often show up three to six months after the stressor occurs, sometimes making it hard to pinpoint the cause. If it’s just a temporary period of stress, hair growth usually resumes within a couple of months.

A restrictive diet can produce vitamin and mineral deficiencies that affect hair quality. Depending on the diet, the hair might not get the necessary micronutrients. In addition, it is also affected by tobacco, which reduces microcirculation and the hair follicle is not oxygenated, and alcohol, which weakens the hair and dehydrates it.

What helps: – ¿How often do you wash your hair? Cortisol & dihidrotestosterone (DHT),  2 hormones that can accelerate hair loss, are presente in sebum (our natural oil) of the scalp. Depending on your hair type, some people recommend washing it three times a week while applying a good scalp massage which helps decrease cortisol levels. Here at  KŌNSE we recommend Grown Alchemist´s Detox Champú .

– Diet, make sure you have a diet rich in biotin, Iron with Vit C, zinc, Vit B12, Collagen, Rosemary Oi and Silica are some of the key components you need to add to your diet.

Vitamin D, we encourage you to spend more time outdoors, this helps reduce stress levels, improve your overall mood and is a source of Vitamin D,

We hope you enjoyed this blog, any questions please reach out!

KŌNSE team