August Selection

Grown Alchemist Antioxidant+ Facial Oil

This potent certified organic facial serum is formulated using a synergistic blend of Antioxidants and nutrients that noticeably improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and protect against the signs of aging. Leaves facial skin looking firm, noticeably hydrated and feeling soft and smooth.

August Selection

Manasi 7 Bisque All Over Colour

(M)anasi 7 All Over Colour is a versatile organic lip and cheek colour, which can also be used as a contour and cream eye shadow. Formulated with the ideal balance of oils and waxes, this creamy formula glides on effortlessly and blends easily into skin and onto lips for a natural flush of colour. We love this peachy-beige hue with a touch of warmth.

August Selection

NUORI Vital Unifier

3 in 1 product: toner, essence and mist that help cleanse, hydrate and inside the skin with highly potent hydrating ingredients while enhancing the performance of subsequent serums, oils and moisturizers.

August Selection

Wilder Botanics Facial Day Oil

A luxurious blend of exceptional botanical oils that naturally protects the skin's barrier while keeping it hydrated while smoothing fine lines, protecting the skin from UV rays and contamination.

August Selection

The Beauty Archive Everglow Eyes & Cheek Colour Cream

After the summer glow look? Everglow helps create a natural radiance on the skin and awakens the eyes and face, giving it that daily freshness. This luxurious blend of organic and vegan ingredients helps fight aging while protecting, moisturizing, and improving skin from the inside.

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Our entire selection of products is here to help you understand the benefits of each of them knowing that these are highly effective. We assure you transparency and honesty in our selection of natural and sustainable beauty.

The brands carefully selected are cruelty free, respectful with the environment and with the means of extraction of their botanical active ingredients.

The quality of these products is an essential requirement for a brand to be on our platform.

Each product has been selected with a meticulous research work in which we study its ingredients, the history of the brand and its way of working, the relationship with the environment and with its workers and, of course, the history behind them, that inspires us to lead a life more consistent with our ideas and principles.

Each of our products has been tested before being included in KŌNSE so we can honestly assure you its effectiveness.

We have tested the products and we have spoken and interviewed the people behind some of our brands so that you can be inspired as we are. Through this information, we want you to understand why we really believe in them!

"True Beauty comes from true intentions"

Mindful Beauty & Wellness

We believe in approaching our lifestyle in a holistic way and to look beyond products with an attitude that encompasses diet, beauty and wellness.


Our products are intentionally sourced from Europe to try and minimize the carbon emissions as much as possible. For products coming outside of Spain we use carbon neutral courier service. We also use a local carbon neutral courier for our deliveries to you.

When it comes to packaging our aim is to reduce plastic packaging and packaging in general and use recyclable material where possible.


Our products are gender-neutral and inclusive of everyone, no matter age, sex, shape or skin colour.


As consumers are looking to become more educated about the ingredients and supply chain in their skincare and wellbeing our intention is to be completely open with our customers regarding our product content and practices.


Our intention is to create a space where like-minded people and those who are open to learning find fun and empowering workshops focused on your health and wellbeing.

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