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Self-care, inside and outside – KŌNSE Guide


Our day to day is changing. A few weeks ago, we have been out on the streets, even if it is only for a few moments during the day, but that possibility has given us the change our day to day and that affects how we are and how we feel. Of course, it also has a direct influence on how we take care of ourselves, that is why we thought it would be useful to collect some suggestions for self-care, inside and outside the home. Are you ready? Here we go!

  • Good sleep. Good sleep. It is important to have a deep and restful sleep. It is known that 6 hours can be enough for many people but what is important is that this is good quality sleep.  We should focus on having a good sleeping hygiene before bed and disconnecting from screens and from other media or external stimuli. To make this transition we practice some yoga nidra or yin yoga, meditate and of course, a good beauty routine to prepare our skin for the perfect rest using for example the Regenerating Night Cream de Grown Alchemist, from Grown Alchemist, one of our favourite products. In this article we talk about some of our practices of self-care before going to sleep.
  • Contact with the outdoors. Take advantage of the hours for outdoor activities such as  walking, running, moving, being in contact with the sun and Vitamin D, breathing fresh air,  and if you are lucky enough to live by the beach or the mountain, getting closer nature and yes, walking barefoot.

As a result of this time spent outdoors, it is important that we take proper care of ourselves, attending to the needs of our skin. Contact with the air, with the sun, requires  routines that perhaps we had left behind during  these last weeks but it is important to have a good hydrating routine, especially in the face and neck. We recommend a good moisturiser and sun protection. We are obsessed with serums and products with active ingredients such as Vitamin C, E and Glycolic Acid. We start the day with Wilder Botanics Wilder Day face oil followed by Nuori’s mineral defense sunscreen (SPF 30) and finish with Grown Alchemist anti-pollution mist.

  • Maintaining a good diet. Continue paying attention in a fully conscious way to what and how you eat and accompany it with infusions, probiotics and supplements for the transition towards the new season of the year. It is important to prepare the body for the new seasons by keeping our immune system strong.

Mushroom Elixir Mix Chaga 

– Calm & Support Infusion, ideal in moments of stress and fatigue.

– Immune Booster of Wilder Botanics

Hot Cacao with reishi  recommended against stress and to reduce the aging process.

  • Set boundaries between work and leisure time and space. Plan breaks throughout the day.

For each person, their hours of focus and concentration at work will be different, but it is important to remain faithful to them and once the day is over, totally disconnect and enter into activities of personal relaxation, disconnection, fun … Dancing, reading , writing, chatting with friends and / or family, going for a walk, playing sports, writing… Now that we start going out and that we are returning to some activities that we had stopped, or physically returning to our jobs, it is important not to stop enjoying these treats.

  • Cultivate ourselves on a mental level with readings, podcasts and resources that provide us with nutrition and knowledge. We love the conversations from Gwyneth Paltrow’s podcast on self-care and wellness issues, The Goop Podcast, but also spaces where positive attitude and good vibes are cultivated. We recently discovered The Happy Place Podcast.  
  • Live in the present moment. Let us not forget now that we have managed to be more connected than ever with the here and now of the importance of staying present. It is the only thing we have, as Eckart Tolle would say. Let’s stop traveling backward, let’s stop going forward, stop running and focus on what we are experiencing today, here. Writing and reflecting, practicing gratitude, meditating, breathing (5-10 minutes a day of conscious breaths), are ways to stay anchored at this precise moment.

Another resource we turn to is the Inner Compass Cards self-reflection and personal growth charts. They not only take us to the present moment but also support us in our daily life and open us to our full potential. They are a great tool and more now that little by little we will be returning to the hectic life out there.

What are your self-care practices? Please share !

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