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Black heads, what are they, and how to get rid of them


The age of filters has accustomed us to perfect and smooth  looking skin … Although most of us mortals have imperfections, wrinkles, textures … Blackheads can be nightmare for many of us, which brings us to the big question: what are they, and how to get rid of them?

The skin naturally secretes sebum to keep the epidermis hydrated and protect itself from external factors. When it accumulates in the pores and comes into contact with air, dead cells and other particles, it oxidizes and darkens. This is how blackheads appear: it is natural fat that is retained, dirtying the skin.

The good news is that they are no drama: you can get rid of them, and you can give your skin a helping hand to make it feel fresher, healthier and more balanced.

Top tips to get rid of black heads and keep them away

As always when it comes to healthy skin at KŌNSE Beauty we recommend a healthy lifestyle:  plenty of water, exercise, healthy eating , good sleep and stress management.

During these times of pandemic, remember to change your mask often and, if you have a choice,  choose a mask made of organic silk or cotton. If you wear makeup, keep mineral oils away. They are derived from petroleum which give a sensation of hydration but … Be careful! They only clog pores.

Some tips and products that can be your best allies when trying to get rid off black heads.

  1. Cleansing

Keeping your  skin (and your surroundings) clean is always the first step. Remember to wash your face twice a day to remove dirt and traces of pollution – and makeup! -.

Wisdom Cares natural soaps can help you with this task: they will leave your skin free of any residue by treating it with the utmost care. The Calendula-Coco and Oat-Blue Clay varieties are wonderful and have many properties.

With  double cleansing at night you ensure that your skin is purified and ready for the rest of the routine: Wisdom Cares cleansing oil and Alex Carro and Nuori cleansers are highly recommended followed by a cream or foam based cleanser.

Exfoliating the skin once or twice a week will facilitate the removal of dead cells, so remember to add one of these products to your beauty rituals.

2. Toning

Many skip this step, but toning the skin before moisturizing will help create the desired pH balance. Grown Alchemist rose, ginseng and chamomile toner is gentle on the skin, helps to normalize its texture and enhances its radiance. It also contains aloe vera and many other natural ingredients that regulate sebum production and minimize pore size. (Goodbye, blackheads!)

3. Hydrating

If your skin creates excess sebum to stay hydrated, make sure you offer it the hydration it needs, you will see how it balances out! We recommend using light textured and non-comodogenic creams and oils (they do not clog pores as they are usually diluted in a larger amount of water to avoid other ingredients causing clogging as well). Grown Alchemist products are perfect for this. It´s tinted hydrating day cream provides hydration and a healthy and natural appearance to the skin. For the night, nothing like Detox Night Cream: it decongests the skin and deeply hydrates it while you sleep. Contrary to many beliefs, oils can also be perfect for deeply nourishing the skin and balancing sebum production. Both Wisdom Cares Detox Oil and Alex Carro Balancing oil have already become a must in the routine of many people due to their magnificent qualities.

If you are still not sure what is best for you, you can discover more about your skin type and  your perfect routine by completing the KŌNSE Beauty Quiz.

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