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The keys to understanding what organic, ecological and bio mean in cosmetics


We live in a society that is increasingly informed and aware of the importance of caring for the environment. It is not strange to see a rising interest in a lifestyles that is respectful of our environment: from food to cosmetics, we want the products we consume to be ethically and ecologically designed.

However, you have to be careful when choosing our products. How many brands take advantage of  the word “natural”  and use it in all different contexts, thus creating a worrying confusion?

Not everything “natural” is organic, bio or ecological, and that is why at KŌNSE Beauty we want to shed some light on this matter and clarify any doubts.

What do we understand ´Natural Cosmetics´to be?

We need to be aware of what some brands describe as “natural”. As this is not clearly regulated, manufacturers may classify their products as “natural” as long as a certain amount of their raw materials are of natural origin, but that does not preclude the use of other harmful ingredients.

The main problem when choosing these products is that you run the risk of adding chemicals that are harmful to your skin and the environment to your daily routine. Stay safe by using bio, organic and ecological products whenever possible!

What does Organic, Bio and Eco mean in Cosmetics?

Actually, the words “organic”, “bio” and “eco” can be used synonymously, although there are small nuances between them. It depends on your geographical situation, you will hear more one or the other. In Spain, for example, the most used term is “ecological” or “eco”.

This type of cosmetic is much more sensitive to the reality we live in, and therefore in the harvesting of its raw materials pesticides, petrochemical fertilisers or genetically modified organisms are not used.

They also do not carry harmful preservatives synthetic fragrances and, of course, they are never tested on animals.  This way, the impact on the environment is reduced to a minimum and more beneficial and less harmful products are obtained for us and our planet.

At KŌNSE Beauty, most of our products contain organically grown ingredients and we are committed to those that are composed of natural raw materials. Our ethical commitment to the environment and the desire to offer our consumers the best, lead us to the concept of “clean beauty”: a cosmetic that is as healthy for us as it is respectful of the ecosystem. After all, isn’t that what we all long for?

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