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The benefits of toothpaste in powder form


Taking care of our teeth is essential, to guarantee a beautiful smile, it is essential to have an adequate routine.

Brushing your teeth three times a day is the safest way to take care of them in the long term. However, many times the products we use for this may not be as beneficial as we think. The products that we use to wash our teeth are usually made of plastics, polymers and resins that could take hundreds of years to disintegrate. For this reason, the most natural products that have been made usually use packaging made of other materials such as glass, bamboo and cardboard. This makes them an excellent option to take care of our body, without damaging the environment.

Toothpaste in powder form are one of the best options in the market. They are being used more and more by people who want to establish a natural, kind and gentle personal care routine with their own body and with the world.

Some of its benefits:

-They do not contain fluoride: this is a component capable of protecting the surface layer of our teeth, which is why it has been used for years to make toothpaste. However, in recent years serious health effects have been identified. It can damage the nervous system, it can irritate the walls of the stomach and cause various stomach problems, and in excess it could also cause problems in our teeth directly.

For this reason, toothpaste in powder form are ideal.

-It helps removes stains and plaque from teeth.

-Use natural and simple ingredients: especially products such as Georganics’ natural toothpaste with coconut oil, are made with organic products that guarantee that the user will know what they are applying to their teeth.

In the case of Georganics’ powdered toothpaste, its main ingredients are calcium carbonate and white clay. These minerals have mildly abrasive elements that help remove dirt and tartar that builds up on teeth over time. In addition, it also has peppermint essential oil that gives it antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

In general, these products are free of ingredients that are harmful to the environment and to our body. In addition to this, they work much more effectively than most traditional toothpastes. Therefore, it is an excellent option for those of us who want to take care of ourselves in the most natural, healthy and ecological way possible.

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