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Summer Detox, self-care during this time?


Before diving into the topic, we would like to clarify that in the next paragraphs we are not going to talk about diets, losing weight or sharing tips on what to eat and what not.

For us, detox does not have to do specifically with diet. We create and practice detox practices regularly to give the body a reset, cleanse ourselves, purify our body and our mind, and in some way, reset which is so beneficial (internally and externally). As we mentioned previously, this is not only about the body and the food we ingest, but something that affects all the cells of our body, from the skin, hair, internal organs, face, as well as the mind , our emotions, thoughts, feelings …

We see our eating habits more as a lifestyle than a rigid diet and we pay special attention to it, sometimes giving our body and metabolism a break with fasting for example (important to consult a specialist who can advice you if you decide to try it for the first time) and treat it with all the care and love it deserves. .

Each season and time of year requires your attention and it is therefore important to know what we need at all times.

Some Summer tips:

  • Choose fresh, vegetables that are unprocessed (or have been minimally processed). Eliminate foods that have preservatives, eat sprouts whenever you can.
  • Fresh and light meals. Promote fresh food, vegetables, neither processed nor preserved foods. Gillian Kennedy’s profile may interest you.
  • Maximum hydration, inside and out. It is important to drink plenty of water (you can prepare flavored waters) and keep the skin hydrated at all times (we recommend these products from Nuori and Grown Alchemist).
  • Clean, purify and detoxify the body. The body must be well prepared and protected for this time of high sun exposure, outdoors, so caring for the skin now is more important than ever!. You can shower and dry brush your entire body with a horsehair glove and exfoliate too. Then apply a gentle massage to the entire body with a regenerating oil.
  • Solar protection. Now that we are going to spend many more hours in the sun, it is important to protect our face and body with safe and effective and 100% mineral sunscreens, which are safe. At KŌNSE we especially like these brands for their smell, texture, body feel and, of course, effectiveness: Mineral Defense Sunscreen and Sun Repair, both from Nuori, and the entire Seventy One Percent collection.
  • Supplements that help our body keep it strong,  health, full of energy  and with a balanced  immune and nervous system such as Wilder Botanics tonics or adaptogens from Four Sigmatic.
  • Use this time to connect with nature, beach, mountain or the countryside. It is a perfect way to connect with outdoor spaces that allows us to connect with ourselves, balance ourselves, bring us health, well-being, peace of mind, silence and also inspiration and creativity.
  • Take care of our spaces,  our home or our work space (currently the same for most of us!). Charlie Lemmer touched base on some of these points during our IG live a few weeks ago. “It is important to reduce toxin levels within the home to optimize our health and support our immune system – especially in times like the one we are living in for Covid prevention.” Some of the factors that we should pay attention to, as Charlie explained, is the quality of the air, the quality of the water, the possible release of gases from the furniture, the chemical elements-ingredients of the cleaning products that leak into the air and environment and EMF and Electro-smog radiation.

These are some of the aspects that are essential for us and although we have focused on the summer detox, we recommend doing a detox at any time of the year and making it a regular practice, adapting it to the time of the year, how we feel, what we need etc.

Let us observe what each moment asks, what the body asks, what the mind asks and let us give it everything we have for self-care.

We hope  you find this article inspiring, please share any practice you recommend or you think relevant,  write to us, here, by email, instagram… It will be a pleasure to listen and share it with the rest. For us, the Community is very important and making it grow among all is inspiring. Thanks for reading,



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