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Clean beauty, a beauty and lifestyle decision


More and more people are betting on a conscious and healthy lifestyle. Better nutrition, greater awareness of daily habits, living in line with one’s own values, choosing what and who to surround oneself with, observing consumption and making decisions consistent with the way of thinking …

We believe that beauty begins with yourself: how we treat our bodies, minds and environment. And we want to attend to our well-being and beauty by betting on clean options and alternatives. Not only in food, but also in beauty.

“Clean beauty” is the term that refers to the beauty that respects us inside and out, being fully aware of the type of products we use on our body, skin and hair. A beauty based on products with a simpler  formulation, transparent, honest and sustainable. The less is more concept and the natural, organic and safe.

We choose to take care of ourselves without compromising the well-being of others or the environment. We choose options that help us reduce our carbon footprint. We choose a lifestyle that takes care of the skin and the impact that each chosen product has on life, from its extraction, its components, production, distribution, use and final destination.

This is the philosophy we follow at KŌNSE. That is why all our firms have been carefully selected. Because each and every one of them takes care of their products, watching over the ingredients, the packaging, the production processes, the relationship with the different people involved and with the environment.

What should we look at to ensure that we are really dealing with a “clean beauty” proposal and not products resulting from marketing or greenwashing?

  • Its ingredients. These must be free of parabens, chemicals, silicones and sulfates. Simple and safe formulations. Natural, organic and pure ingredients obtained directly from nature. Our products do NOT contain harmful ingredients such as tar or mercury, nor do they contain environmentally harmful ingredients such as reef-damaging oxybenzone.
  • In these formulations, endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic assets must be avoided.
  • It is committed to the health of the skin. These highly effective proposals do not alter the skin and help to keep it healthy and cared for.
  • Cruelty free. The ingredients and products have not been tested on animals and none of their ingredients come from them.
  • Respect our environment both in respect to ingredients, processes, packaging and shipping.
  • The production process. We work with brands that have a well-defined social responsibility. This means that they know where all their ingredients come from, maintain a sustainable process, and treat their employees in an ethical manner. In this process, transparency (traceability) is vital.

Our commitment is this. We remain very faithful to a clean and natural care. What is yours?

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