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Its time to change your skincare routine from Summer to Winter


The end of summer is just around the corner. Autumn is coming, the time of coats, the rain, the trees shedding … And if it is time to transition your wardrobe, it is also the time to transition your beauty routine from summer to winter because once the external conditions change,  your skin will also notice it.

The summer months are generally hotter and more humid, but fall often brings cold and drier weather. Just as in summer we take special care to our exposure to the sun and we face sweat and heat, with winter  the skin  problems we tend to face are different.

All year round it is essential to take precautions against UVA / UVB rays, but the dryness of a cold environment means that in autumn and winter it is also essential to properly hydrate and moisturize our skin.

Keys and differences between summer and winter skincare routine (and how to transition between both)

Surely the first thing you ask yourself is: when is the best time to transition from your summer skincare routine to the winter one? There is no specific date,  let yourself be guided by the temperature of where you live. If the days of shorts, tops and dresses are long gone and jackets and sweatshirts are becoming the order of the day, this is the sign you were waiting for to transition your skincare routine.

The main differences between your winter and summer skincare routine is reflected more in the type of products to use and their composition rather than in the steps to follow in the routine itself.

Let’s now look at the main differences.

  • Summer cleaning vs. winter: this step is not negotiable, it must be done in all seasons of the year. Cleansing the skin helps remove impurities, make-up traces, dirt, and pollution. The best option is to look for a cleanser that is gentle but effective, a good ally for any time of the year. Nuori’s vital foaming cleanser, for example, is gentle enough not to dry out the skin in the colder months and still leaves it feeling soft and fresh on hot, sunny summer days.
  • Hydration in summer vs. in winter: although we are interested in keeping the skin hydrated all year round, there are formulas that will work much better depending on the season. When we talk about “hydrating” we mean providing water to the skin, but in winter it is especially important to keep it moisturized as well (that is, it is not only hydrated, but also capable of retaining that hydration).

Dafna’s moisturizer works wonders in this regard, as it contains more than 19 active ingredients that help to properly hydrate and moisturize the skin.

It is important to also talk about serums aswell, as there are many that you can include in your routine to give your skin an extra push. In summer it is important to go for lighter formulas that are easily absorbed, but in the cold months you can expand your options to denser ones.

If you are looking for a serum that help protect your skin from external factors, provides luminosity and improves skin elasticity, you should try Les Huilettes Facial Day Serum. Apart from its incredible effects on the skin, it has a delicious aroma that makes it even more attractive.

Last but not least it is important to take care of your lips! In summer you can protect them from the sun by using certain lipsticks with SPF, but in winter it is especially important to keep them hydrated so they do not dry out.

Our recommendation: the Nuori Lip Treat, which in addition to deeply hydrating, contains among its ingredients sweet almond and apricot oil and avocado, shea and coconut butter. An absolute delight.

Sun cream should always be an essential step in your routine because it prevents premature aging of the skin and many other problems derived from sun exposure. We recommend something that is not sticky and is easily absorbed, like Alex Carro’s SPF.

  • Exfoliants and masks in summer vs. in winter: cleansing, hydrating and protecting from the sun are mandatory steps of any daily routine, but what about those products that we use  occasionally? Winter is a great time to give your skin a break and make sure it is well cared for. The beneficial effects of a good exfoliation are well known, because they help accelerate the cell regeneration of our skin.

Masks can also be powerful allies: if in summer they can help regulate sebum production and keep our skin clean and fresh, in winter they can make help keep it hydrated and moisturized. Nuori’s Supreme Moisture Mask is perfect for the colder months precisely because it strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier and restores moisture levels.

The most important thing here is that you learn to listen to your own body and understand the needs of your skin. The first step has been taken: we have gone through some key points to help you transition from your summer routine to your winter routine in an easy, safe and effective way. Now it’s your turn to do your homework and start switching your products before the cold season.

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