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Collagen in the skin: why is it essential and how can we make the most out of it?


The best way to learn to take better care of ourselves is to understand how our body works. When it comes to the health of our skin, it’s time to get acquainted with collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body.

At KŌNSE Beauty we strive to address the health of our skin in a holistic sense.

Collagen promotes the creation and maintenance of all body tissues. In other words: it is what makes the skin look firm, hydrated and protected. Unfortunately, as we age our ability to synthesize collagen decreases, for this reason we highly recommended to monitor its consumption in order to ensure that we provide our body with the necessary amount. Some experts point out that the recommended daily dose of collagen is around 10 grams of collagen.

Although there are certain foods that can provide collagen, the truth is that they are not usually consumed regularly: tendons, bones and fish skins etc. A good alternative can be food supplements, which will also allow us to know exactly what type of collagen and amount we are ingesting.

Nutricosmetics to help improve your skin naturally with collagen

With regard to natural cosmetics, at KŌNSE Beauty we bet on what is known as “nutricosmetics”.  We know that health of our skin begins from the inside so then, why worry only about natural creams, serums and facial masks ? The key is to feed it with nutrients from the inside as a starting point.

The good news is that by providing your body with adequate amounts of collagen, you help improve the health of your skin, but also of other tissues such as hair or nails. In addition, it helps to keep the joints, tendons and cartilage in good condition, which undoubtedly suffer wear and tear over time.

We recently talked about the benefits of incorporating Ayurveda into your daily routine and some of our favourite Cosmic Dealer products, and now its our turn to  share with you the best solutions to start regulating your collagen consumption.

What we like the most about Depuravita, our most recent addition, is that it is a mostly vegan and organic brand that offers us solutions made with one hundred percent natural ingredients and free of sweeteners and preservatives.

When it comes to collagen, a special treat and bestsellers are  Collagen Chocolates, an immense temptation. A vegan food supplement which contains phytoceramides that help increase collagen levels. Take one a day and will help improve digestion, physical and mental well-being and neutralize free radicals. If you need to add some calcium to your diet, we recommend trying Strong Bite Chocolate. Irresistible.

Next is the Magic Potion (not vegan). This wonder contains, apart from collagen and adaptogens, several types of antioxidants and vitamins. It incorporates Ashwagandha, which protects cells from stress, raw cocoa with vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, turmeric, the great natural anti-inflammatory … And a long list of exotic natural ingredients that will improve not only your skin but also your general health.

There is no magic way to stop the signs of aging, but there is magic in embracing the journey and working with our skin instead of against it. Fostering the idea of ​​achieving healthy skin rather than obsessing over eternal youth, we are convinced that deeper hydration, nutritional balance and good quality skin care are at the core of any healthy skin type and radiant appearance. Packed with highly potent marine collagen peptides, powerful Q10 antioxidants, and essential minerals, Hello Wrinkles allow skin cells to retain moisture, recharge collagen levels, and maximize elasticity to keep skin strong, plump, and radiant within. .

Check out the entire Depuravita range if you are looking for ways to improve your skin’s health from within effortlessly and naturally. Because the health of your skin and beauty begins from within.

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