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Bye-bye summer, hello exfoliation: its benefits and how to use it

Adiós verano, hola exfoliación: beneficios y modos de uso

Let’s welcome back exfoliation and its benefits. With summer coming to an end, it’s time to put the brakes on the skin care “oversights” that we all sometimes commit during this time of year.

The world is constantly renewing itself. For that reason, many of us live on the fringes of the latest innovations in the world of exfoliation. 

Have you heard of exfoliating powders? They are increasingly used and recommended treatments, but are they just a fad or are they going to stay forever?

In this post we remind you of the benefits of exfoliation and tell you all about exfoliating powders.

Exfoliators and their benefits

Exfoliating scrubs are one of the oldest beauty treatments in the world. Since the time of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, scrubs with fermented milk or alabaster powder were already being used.

Skin cells have a life cycle of 28 days. Over the years, this process becomes slower and ineffective. It is in this scenario where exfoliation bursts in and becomes the protagonist.

Exfoliants are products that are included in cosmetics with the objective of eliminating the dead cells that, day by day, accumulate on our skin. They remove the superficial layers of the skin, taking the dead cells with them.

In addition to cleansing our face and body of impurities and achieving a soft, smooth and natural dermis, peels are very beneficial treatments for our skin health.

Among its multiple benefits, we highlight:

  • They increase the production of collagen and elastin.
  • They facilitate the absorption of other skin care products by removing the surface layer and opening the skin pores.
  • They obtain a bright and clean skin of impurities.
  • They even out the pH of the skin, preventing blemishes and leveling the tan.

It should be noted that these benefits may vary depending on whether the exfoliation is for the face or body, and the regularity of use.

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The emergence of powder exfoliators

Until recently, powdered exfoliants were nothing more than supporting actors waiting for a chance to shine. 

At first these exfoliants raised doubts about the effectiveness of their powder texture in dragging dirt from the skin. But these doubts were quickly dispelled.

The exfoliating powder effectively combines mineral powders with different actives that result in detoxifying renewal, smoothing and skin care. In addition, it evens skin color and can help correct expressive lines. 

This type of scrub is able to exfoliate more effectively than a mechanical one, while treating the skin better, without the feeling that you are scratching yourself.

It is especially designed for the most sensitive skins, for which it can be used almost daily without fear of irritation and redness.

It also leaves the skin in optimal condition for the effective use of other cosmetics.

To summarize, powder exfoliators have the power to:

  • Cleansing: effectively removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft, smooth and toned.
  • Even out: eliminates blemishes and dark areas leaving the skin homogeneous.
  • Renew: through the pores, they allow toxins to be released by stimulating the lymphatic system.
  • Prevent: skin aging by activating circulation and improving oxygenation.

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How to use powder exfoliators

Here are the steps on how to apply your exfoliating powder:

  1. Slightly wet your face with both hands.
  2. Pour the powder in the palm of your hand and rub both hands together to distribute the product well.
  3. Apply the powder to the face, focusing on the areas where most sebum accumulates: nose, chin and forehead. Avoid the eye contour. In the lip area, apply the powder only on the lip contour, especially on the upper lip.
  4. Allow the product to act.
  5. Remove the scrub with water. You will see how it washes away all the dirt without dragging any pimples.

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