“Truth, commitment and senses in the heart of beauty.”

Les Huilettes Cosmetics is 100% natural and 81-100% organic made in France that brings formulas created from the purest essential oils and virgin vegetable oils  handpicked for their efficiency and sensoriality. Les Huilettes is the creation of long-time friends Pascale & Claire  Pascale, a Doctor of Pharmacy & holds a university degree in Aromatherapy has a background in developing cosmetic formulas for the big luxury houses and Claire has a background in marketing & PR for the luxury category of beauty, food & wine. 

Together with their shared expertise & depth of experience in the industry, they set out to create a range of effective, natural & committed products that are essential, effective & without artifice that resulted in the creation of Les Huilettes. Les Huilettes gives you the relaxed wellness feeling you need, just away from busy life, a sensory moment of self care in your daily routineLes Huilettes focuses on just the essentials: being authentic, in tune with yourself, staying simple, committed to gentle and healthy sobriety. Les Huilettes consists of 100% active formulas. No unnecessary additives, only active ingredients and natural preservation. Les Huilettes takes an eco-responsible approach: recyclable and reusable packaging and reduction of over-packaging. 

With a focus on sustainability Les Huilettes have made a conscious effort to develop their formulas with the highest quality, organic ingredients & locally sourcing as much as possible. Their products are held in eco-designed packaging, glass bottles and avoid the use of unnecessary overwrapping and use of plastics. Les Huilettes are certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standards & Vegan registered by the Vegan Society. Les Huilettes has also partnered with Up2green on reforestation projects. These projects not only help reduce CO2 emissions but also provide local communities & families in the areas with a direct income from the fruit-bearing trees that are planted.


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