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Interview with Lou Jimenez, Artist and Coach specialized in neuroplasticity.


Lou Jimenez, is a manifestation expert specializing in unlocking subconscious beliefs of unworthiness and expanding to align with what one is calling into their life.

In 2020 she created the Biotiful Club, a space with online courses, focused on Lou’s manifestation method, which is based on basic psychology, neuroscience and energy. That same year, she launched the BIOTIFUL 365 Podcast, a top-ranking podcast hosted by Lou that has become the most listened to on protest in Spanish.

Lou’s manifestation method is very different from the popular “think positive” and “visualize” method, and she is known for her down-to-earth, practical, and accessible approach to manifestation, which has enabled thousands of people around the world to unlock what they want from life. In a nutshell, her philosophy teaches you that “worthiness is the true law of attraction.”

What would be for you the 3 keys to get rid of fears and be authentically yourself?

I would start by discovering who you really are, what your authentic code is. We grow up totally conditioned by social programming and our environment and that makes us create identities that distance us from our true essence, adding layers and layers of what others tell us and banishing parts of ourselves to be accepted/loved.

Your authentic code is your essence. It defines the values ​​that make up who you are and is an infallible filter of what should fill your time. Everything that is not your authentic code must be delegated or set aside from your life.

To know your authentic code, I recommend that you start asking yourself what you spend more time doing when nobody sees you, what you spend more money on or in what part of your life you were more reliable. Not the desires that society imposes on you, but what you really need innately in life to feel fulfilled.

It is a process. Become 100% your authentic self and don´t act on what someone might find sexy, or what might impress your parents, or what might make you popular, or let fear stop you from showing yourself completely. You are the only you. You have unique and divine. And by divine right, as a physical being you are entitled to prosperous, happy, and completely unique success.

Examine your life to detect which energy you primarily operate from. There is only one formula for success. Clarity, facing fear and being 100% authentically yourself in every way. The fears are actually directing you where to heal, so I often figuratively sit down with them and ask what childhood record they are connecting me with so I can reprogram them and reinforce my worthiness and authenticity.

Explore the root of your fear, discover the “why” of your unworthiness and unlock your limitations. You deserve the life of your dreams; do not let fears despair you and stand in your way.

What role does confidence play in building self-esteem?

For me one cannot exist without the other; Confidence and worthiness are two intimately linked energies that cannot exist without each other. Because trust comes from feeling worthy and we feel worthy when we can trust that we are going to receive and give for who we really are.

Some tools to help you.

What are those most common limiting beliefs that prevent us from feeling good about ourselves and being who we want to be?

There are many subconscious beliefs that limit us and infiltrate our personal stories because we believe they are true. In the last ten years I have accompanied many people and I have discovered that there are three main beliefs that practically all human beings have in common:

I am not worthy

Nobody cares for me

I am not wired properly

And of these, endless variations: they don’t like me, I don’t fit in, I’m dumb, I’m incompetent, I’m not prepared, I’m not good enough, I’m not special, I don’t deserve, I’m not important, I’m not capable, I’m incomplete, I can’t legit, I am nobody, I am less, it will not happen to me, and a long etc

How do you practice self-love in your day to day life? (daily rituals, moments…)

Learning to accept yourself and your own process is for me the essence of life, and in fact the most effective way to transform your reality and live in a state of tranquility and joy. The emotional changes are so deep that the manifestations around them go into the background.

That is why all kinds of self-care, moments and rituals that make you feel good beyond what society dictates to us are pure medicine. From the simplest things, a hug from my twins, a walk barefoot in the sea, contemplating nature, taking a few minutes in the morning to ask myself how I am and what I need today, taking care of my diet, the products I use on my skin, even paying the bills! because it makes me feel safe and at peace and also feeds the flow of money.

And also doing the work of continuing to go deeper into myself and peeling off layers, which is a lifelong job and has enormous rewards because you end up crossing thresholds you didn’t even imagine you would cross and growing exponentially.

How do you achieve changes that last over time and that fears and insecurities do not return?

Fears and insecurities will always appear, let’s not run away from them. They are essential tools to continue growing that can help us a lot. The good news is that when we go through them they stop having power over us. That is why it is very important to have tools to manage them and resources to reinforce trust, deservingness and our most authentic being because, without a doubt, it will make things much easier.

We at KŌNSE use tools like the Inner Compass – Love Cards that are designed to guide you through all of your relationships. They are the inner map for a life full of love, inspiring us to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships with all our connections. These cards help us connect with our intuition, turning our relationships into healing opportunities to amplify love, growth, and connection.

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