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Interview of Kanchalika, founder of Malako Skincare


M A L Ā K O is inspired by Thai wellness wisdom to create products that nourish, balance, uplift the inner self while caring for our community and the planet. We choose the finest botanical ingredients with potent healing properties, and create gentle, yet effective formulations to enhance the body’s recovery process, transform mood and improve skin’s appearance. Our ingredients are sourced from British farmers and producers in Thailand which helps us to fully understand the production process and reassure our customers of the environmental impact of our products.

1. What does skincare and wellbeing mean for you?

The demands of a modern-day busy life can impact the mind and skin. For me, skincare is another way of self-caring and it’s one of the important paths to achieve wellbeing – to live in harmony with your mind and body.

2. What is your daily self-care routine?

I try to press pause and incorporate tiny moments of self-care routine throughout the day to support my wellbeing – from a good stretch, connect with my family and friends, breath in and take a moment to tender care my body and skin.

3. You have a range of beautifully designed sustainable skincare products. What do you look for in a skincare product that fits with your values? 

Since I work with lots of farmers and growers myself, I do, more or less, understand the challenge they are facing as a small business. Because of this, apart from looking for products that are natural and functional for my eczema-prone skin, the products I chose must be produced and bought in an ethical way, from sustainable sources, having a lower impact on the planet.

4. What do the following terms mean for you?

  • Clean = free from harmful substances
  • Organic = the principle concerning the way people interact with nature to support ecological balance for the future
  • Natural = from nature
  • Sustainable = A process concerning the balance of ecosystem and the community’s quality of life.
  • Ethical = truthful, fair, and honest

5. What is the story behind the launch of your own natural and sustainable skin care brand?

My skin became very sensitive and inflamed when I moved to the UK and had to rely on steroid creams many years to treat my eczema. On top of that I also developed keratosis pilaris on my skin. I was stressed with my job, with my life and my bad skin, and this is when I began my research and the journey to create natural skincare products that aren’t just skin deep. Products that can help my skin and also relieve stressful minds.

6. What do you feel more grateful for?

I experience so much kindness from people. I’m so grateful for the love and supports from our customers I received since launching MALAKO back in 2008.

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