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How to treat sensitive skin? KŌNSE Guide & recommendations


Skincare routines must be adapted to the particular characteristics of each skin type. It is important to learn to identify our skin type, to be able to make the right choices.

Specially when it comes to sensitive skin, it is important to to build a routine that respects the necessities of our skin.

What is sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin can react negatively to any external stimulus. These reactions usually vary between burning, redness, itching, tingling and feeling of sensitivity in general.

These types of symptoms arise when our sensitive skin is exposed to an ingredient that it does not tolerate or is being treated aggressively. However, in general, sensitive skin tends to look dehydrated and dry, since the barrier function works poorly on this type of skin.

There are many factors that can influence the fact that our skin is sensitive such as genetics, the use of inappropriate products  or vascular hyper responsiveness.

Next, we share with you our perfect routine for sensitive skin:

1. Gentle Doble Cleansing

If we are going to start taking care of our sensitive skin from scratch, it is essential that we take adequate and careful steps. This skin type can react quickly to any slightly aggressive product or ingredient. In these cases, it is best to avoid  sensitizing the skin further and start double cleansing with a mild toner such as Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner. This type of product will clean our skin, freeing it of  any dirt residues and achieving a calming effect.

Another product  that removes make-up, without affecting our delicate skin, is Wisdom Cares cleansing oil. It is made up of botanical plant oils that cleanse the skin without drying it out.

2.Hydration and Protection

Hydration is essential for all skin types. In the case of sensitive skin, hydrating it properly could be a decisive step to improve its condition.

In the morning, our skin will get a boost if we use products like Nuori’s Vital Cream. It is a fresh and organic moisturiser, composed of natural oils that help hydrate and soothe the most sensitive skin.

The Hydra Repair day cream from Grown Alchemist is  another excellent option to give life and hydration to our face during our morning routine. This product is gentle on the skin and achieves a moisturising effect. In addition, it helps to improve elasticity and visibly reduce the size of pores.

3. Use Oils

To ensure optimal repair, we recommend adding  a few drops of any facial oil to your routine. Mon Huilettes Sensitive oil from Les Huilettes, for example, is ideal to help create an additional protective barrier to your skin. This will prevent sensitive skin from being affected by external elements, and will help calm it.

4. Don´t fear the exfoliants 

The negative results of having sensitive skin can make some people fearful of applying exfoliating products. These can be quite harmful, but only if the right ones are not chosen. The important thing is to choose the right active ingredient for our skin. Lactic acid, fruit enzyme, and BHA (beta-hydroxy acids that help penetrate clogged pores, ensuring cleanliness and controlling sebum production) are best for sensitive skin.

A perfect product for this step in our routine is Alex Carro’s exfoliating powder, which uses enzymatic and physical exfoliation. It causes a natural breakdown of dead skin cells, thus improving skin texture and appearance. A powerful natural plant extracts and fruit enzymes that brighten and regenerate skin.

On the other hand, the exfoliating powder from Wisdom Cares, made of coalin clay, ground lavender, ginger and chamomile. This mixture of ingredients cleanses the skin of impurities, while taking care of its sensitivity.

Having sensitive skin requires special care, as with any type of skin. If we want to achieve the best results for our skin, it is essential that we use the right products for it.

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