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Delfi Cebral answers our Detox Q&A


This month we focus on the detoxification process that many of us need after the holiday season. So we are very excited to start this month with this Q&A with Delfi Cebral, Holistic Health Coach specialised in nutrition and skin health.

January is usually associated with starting fresh and cleansing. During this time of year many of us want to prioritise our health, especially after the Christmas holidays. What do you think about Detox diets? 

In my opinion, diets in general do not work because each body responds to different needs, so the requirements will vary from one person to another. I think the key is to accompany the body throughout the year with rituals that assist the body’s natural detoxification process so that when these times of the year of indulgences and excesses arrive, there is no great shift on body weight. I am in favour of incorporating small steps without the need to fall into extreme diets, such as warm water with lemon on an empty stomach or celery juice first thing in the morning, which replenish minerals and are a balm for the digestive system.

How long should these diets last for?

The duration will vary from person to person and there are many ways to do a detox, but generally they go between 7 to 21 days. Again, I think the key is to incorporate small habits that do the work and support the body every day, instead of doing a single detox diet that can cause extra stress on the body.

What habit would you recommend incorporating into our diet?

Try to aim to compose balanced and colourful dishes, minimum 50% plant-based.

We love your morning ritual posts, specially starting the morning with warm water and lemon. ¿Why do you recommend starting the morning this way? 

The way we choose to start the day will set the tone of our day. The rituals give a deep meaning to what we do, moving away from our auto pilot. Warm water with lemon is a very simple ritual to incorporate that we can easily convert into a habit. Lemons provide us with many benefits, which combined with warm water, promote hydration and stimulate digestion throughout the day. In addition, lemon contains citric acid, which on entering our body becomes alkalizing and detoxifying. Lemon is also a source of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from free radicals as well as  promoting collagen production.

What do you think of oil pulling? With or without a tongue scraper? 

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual where botanical extracts are used. When we mix saliva with beneficial anti-inflammatory oils, we calm and deeply cleanse the mouth, teeth and gums by removing toxins from the mouth out of the body. It’s a ritual that I love to incorporate to amplify oral health and cleanliness. First we brush the teeth, then we can apply some essential oil to our dental floss, followed by the tongue scraper (if you wish) and finally the oil pulling.

In addition to diet, we know that taking care of our skin is essential. Your dry brushing tutorials are very informative. Why do you recommend it and what is the best way to do it?

Dry brushing is also an ancient ritual that has been used for many years for its many healthy benefits. I believe that something that has been around for so long deserves our respect and our curiosity. Dry brushing is a very effective method to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for collecting cellular waste, excess fluids and toxins to be eliminated outside the body. The lymphatic system is linked to our immune system, an efficient lymphatic system increases our response capacity to possible pathogens, diseases, etc. This practice stimulates the circulatory, endocrine, and detoxification systems, in addition to offering a relaxing massage and a gentle exfoliation that does not compromise the skin barrier. In this video Delfi explains the best way to dry brush your skin.

Thank you Delfi for sharing your detox tops! And you, do you have any rituals you would like to share?

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