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If your skin looks dull, inflamed and dehydrated and your hair is stressed, dry and brittle, we have the product for you.

Absolute Shine is a multitasking supplement with a strong scientific DNA and boasts a selection of the best active ingredients of natural origin. To take care of hair and skin day after day.


It is formulated by acclaimed Dr. Luis Campos, aesthetic doctor advocating a holistic approach to health. Selected, super efficient, natural ingredients in the best dosages. In pole position Cynatine HNS, a biologically active source of cruelty free keratin, with clinically proven results to help increase hair shine and brightness, reduce hair loss during washing. This star ingredient also protects the skin structure, helping improve moisture, elasticity and radiance, with an anti aging effect.
The presence of Curcumin C3 Complex®, an important antioxidant quenching free radicals and also preventing their formation, has an important advantage: unlike conventional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), curcuminoids do not cause gastrointestinal side effects or ulcers, quite the opposite supporting a healthy immune system.
Also worth mentioning is Bioperine, one of the most important active compounds found in pepper, super stimulating and fortifying.
Last but not least: Zinc, Copper, Selenium and Biotin, active ingredients that synergistically support the skin and hair health.

In a questionnaire administered after completion of the study, participants were asked to rate how effective they felt the products were. Not surprisingly, the placebo scored poorly in the questionnaire as 87.5% of the participants felt that it was ineffective for hair and 84.4% felt that it was poor for nails. In the Cynatine HNS group, 91.7% of the participants felt that the product was sufficient for hair with 50% feeling that the product was either very good or excellent. For nails, 87.5% of the Cynatine HNS group felt that the product was sufficient with 66.6% finding it very good or excellent.


Ideal during seasonal changes and as a support during times of psycho-physical stress, take 2 capsules in the morning with the meals.


Grape d.e. std 5% trans-resveratrol (Vitis vinifera L.,whole grapes); Camu camu d.e. std 50% Vitamin C (Myrciaria dubia (H.B.K.) McVaugh, fruit); Ashwagandha d.e. std 7% total withanolides (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal., root); Cocoa d.e. std 8% theobromine (Theobroma cacao L., beans); Reishi mushroom d.e. (Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss. Ex Fr.) Karst, sporocarp); Silver fir branch d.e. std 66% total phenols (Abies alba Mill., Branch)


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The effect is quantifiable after a 90-day treatment (corresponding to the natural life cycle of the hair).


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