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Coconut ginger soap


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Wisdow Bali Facial and Body Soap , the new member of Wisdow soap bars. Exotic evasion to the island of gods with the amazing smell of Ylang Ylang. In Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers are spread on the bed for newlywed couples. Reason behind the gesture…

Bring Wisdow Bali Facial and Body Soap in your bathroom and let your senses travel.


Ylang Ylang

It enhances the sexual energy.(secret power under the shower).

The Ylang Ylang essential oil is great to calm the nervous system, promote relaxation and fight anxiety. Due to its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-seborrheic properties, Ylang Ylang essential oil is effective in improving the appearance of the skin, clearing pimples and help treat various skin conditions.

Organic Ginger Powder 

Traditional ginger tea everyday is one secret of Indonesian beauty. Ginger has a long-standing reputation as a healing plant. It’s the kind of spice that keeps on giving. But what if we told you it had a whole slew of beauty benefits? Yes, ginger can heal inflammation, but it can also give you healthier skin. Ginger has a number of beneficial properties, both medically and cosmetically. Ginger soap is a good facial and skin cleanser. It’s known to improve circulation. Ginger soap can be beneficial to those who are suffering from the symptoms of a cold or the flu. Because of its toning and antioxidant properties, ginger can reduce the appearance of hypopigmented scars. It contains around 40 antioxidant properties that prevent free radical damage and protect against aging. It also evens skin tone and improves elasticity.

Coconut Shred

Soft exfoliant, Coconut is used for basically everything in Bali and for good reason: it’s naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizing. Coconut is composed primarily of nourishing fatty acids and is especially high in lauric acid. It also contains vitamin E and healthy fats, which help to make skin smooth. The fats in the coconut shreds minimize the pores that attract dirt and bacteria and prevent skin from getting damaged. In fact, the toning property of coconut helps in preventing acne by minimizing the pores of the skin, leaving it glowing. It is also used as a natural moisturizer.


Lather with water between hands and apply generously to face and body. Wash off.

This soap is gentle enough to use every day.

Please keep this soap on a soap dish and let it dry evenly to make it last longer.


Organic Ginger powder – Ecologic Coconut shreds – Lye solution 30% – Ylang Ylang essential oil – Organic Coconut Oil – Castor Oil – Olive Oil – Almond Oil


With no plastic packaging – Cute & Nacked.


-Suitable for vegans.

-Not tested on animals.

-Without silicones

-Without parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS / SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, petroleum

-No synthetic colors or fragrances.


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