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Astro Capsule: Scorpio Season is here.

Passion. Transformation. Depth.

Scorpio embraces the powerful processes of the psyche.

Astro Capsule: Scorpio Season, a season to honor, appreciate and celebrate the magic that you are. The power that you are. The magnet that you are.

Astro Capsule: Season of Scorpio contains:

Cosmic Dealer Copper Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner that will help you start the day in a powerful way, releasing all those toxins that your body has expelled during the night, to promote massive changes in your well-being.

To stay on the relaxation note, the delicious Magnesium Spirulina Bath and Malako Salt Scrub that can be enjoyed as a detoxifying bath salt or revitalizing body scrub, removing dead skin cells & revealing a brighter complexion. .

Our KÖNSE Healthy Gut herbal tea, with its 10 carefully selected natural botanicals, formulated to calm the nervous system, relieve stress, promote relaxation, regulate sleep and balance mood. This delicious infusion, with anti-inflammatory and restorative properties, helps improve your digestive system and general well-being. A blend of lemon balm, passionflower, citronella, goji berries, lavender, tulsi, licorice, dandelion, chamomile, and coconut.

A powerful Onyx stone, a stone of protection, which will help you balance your stress levels, enhancing your meditation and concentration.

All this accompanied by a special message that will accompany you and help you navigate during this season.

You can buy this box individually or subscribe by clicking here and receive a magic box of each of the signs every month at a special price of 40 euros.


AstroRitual: Start your day by scraping your tongue with the magical Ayurvedic Tonge Scrapper, preparing yourself a delicious KÖNSE Herbal Infusion, enjoy it while taking a bath (or in the shower), lovingly massaging your body with the Malako Magnesium & Salt Scrub and spirulina bath. As you do , simply visualize everything you want to let go of, releasing it from your body and mind. Releasing it and opening space for all the magic that awaits you.


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