Astro Capsule

Monthly Subscription Box

40,00 / Month For 12 Months


We are very excited to announce the launch of KONSE’s Astro Capsules in collaboration with the one and only Shadya Karawi Name, a limited edition of magic where, using the wisdom present in Astrology we can inspire people to live in line with a conscious lifestyle.

KÖNSE is an honest, organic, natural, sustainable and ethical online beauty and wellness platform. It offers a selection of products with a high level of sustainability and transparency. It is led by CEO and founder Hanna Azirar, who is deeply committed to mindful living.

Shadya Karawi Name is an entrepreneur with multiple passions and an innovative spiritual mentor. She has brought about transformations in the lives of thousands of people around the world through her unique Intuitive Love Healing method.

We are committed to sustainability so there will be a limited edition of  Astro Capsule-Monthly Suscription Box for each of the signs. The invitation is for people to buy the boxes of their own sign or if they just want to amplify and embody the energy that’s present each month.

We will follow the Astrological year, where we will create, at the beginning of each sign, a specially curated box that will include information about the energies that are present, the values and highest version of that sign. 

Practical tips for enhancing it, combined with top quality wellness products such as oils, creams, crystals, chocolates and herbal teas to channel and fully embrace that sign and compliment your ritual.

These boxes are meant to be profoundly healing, nourishing and transformative.

A true gift from the skies so that we bridge practical humanity with deep spirituality.


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