Astro Capsule Aquarius

Aquarius Season


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Astro Capsule: Aquarius season is here.

Live your way. Follow your own rules. feel free.

Astro Capsule: Aquarius season, a season to feel independent and embrace what makes you unique.

Astro Capsule – Capricorn Season contains:

The Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Latte Mix With Lion’s Mane helps us keep our mind and body in balance. It gives us a boost of energy, boosts our immune system and makes it easier for us to focus on what really matters.

The Alex Carro Illuminating Matrix Liquid (travel size) instantly revitalizes our skin and gives it a bright and even appearance.

The Merme Elixir of Facial Beauty Rosehip Oil is light and intensely nourishing. Moisturizes, calms and revitalizes, for radiant and healthy skin.

Rose quartz will take care of opening your heart so that you can love yourself exactly as you are. Valuing, recognizing and honoring what makes you unique.

All this accompanied by a special message that will accompany you and help you navigate during this season.

You can buy this box individually or subscribe by clicking here and receive a magic box of each of the signs every month at a special price of 40 euros.


AstroRitual: Start your mornings with a Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Latte Mix With Lion’s Mane for that powerful energy boost. While you enjoy it, apply the El Alex Carro Illuminating Matrix, while repeating: I CHOOSE TO LOVE, ACCEPT AND RESPECT ME AS I AM. At night, apply the Merme Elixir of Facial Beauty Rosehip Oil with a delicious facial massage while repeating the same phrase. Hold your rose quartz in your hands and ask it to remind you that you are wonderful just the way you are and put it in a visible place so that whenever you see it you remember it.


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