Designed and developed in Stockholm by brand founder and professional make-up artist, Susanne Manasi, this natural makeup line offers thoughtful ingredient compositions and shades that deliver a luxurious sensorial feeling and high colour pay-off. Created to be customisable to the season and your own unique skin tone, the products can be mixed-and-matched to blend new colours. Working exclusively with independent, small-scale sub-contractors, the Manasi7 natural makeup line is highly concentrated and designed so that a little goes a long way.  All Manasi 7 products are free from ingredients derived from soy, GMOs, palm oil, alcohol, nano particles, silicones and more.

(M)anasi 7 has created de Declaration of the (7), a beautiful declaration of their intentions:

(1) Slow: Small-scale production at a sustainable pace to minimize water consumption, environmental impact and waste. Nurturing and promoting a dynamic relationship between cosmetics manufacturing and organic farming. We want to contribute to a shift to more sustainable ways of using beauty products by creating timeless and multifunctional products through sustainable development processes and production cycles that emphasize on minimizing the environmental footprint. The products are highly concentrated and designed to last for a while. We work exclusively with independent small-scale sub-contractors in our production cycles and produce our products in small quantities, therefore our waste and environmental impact is very limited. Slow, mindful and sensible beauty.

(2) Select: Curated compositions of ingredients and shades that deliver an immaculate sensory feeling, high colour pay-off and desired effect.

(3) Pure:  Manasi7 offers beauty products with ingredients that are grown ethically, sustainably and in harmony with the environment. They are highly concentrated and contain no unnecessary fillers or additives and less water.

(4) Natural, Raw materials and natural preservatives extracted from minerals, wild plants and flowers, carefully selected for their quality, colour and scent. Minimally processed, a high level of purity facilitates the preservation of natural moisturizing and nourishing properties. The high purity levels of our ingredients are due to the production in low temperatures and careful processing methods.

(5) Simple, A conscious collection of essential multifunctional beauty products for an effortless everyday makeup routine. Designed to be used individually or mixed to create endless possibilities. Our carefully selected collection of timeless beauty products can be used by everyone on a special occasion or incorporate it into the daily makeup routine.  Our products are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. Handle your products with care and they will last for a long time. Less is more.

(6) Symbiotic, Merging the high performance and colour pay-off of conventional beauty products with the nourishing and healing properties of natural, wild harvested and certified organic ingredients. Carefully selected biodegradable formulas organically decomposed back into earth.
Our production contributes to take responsibility for each other, because we are all a part of the same whole. We want to work to bridge the gap between the high performance of conventional beauty products and the nourishing and healing properties of natural, wild harvested and organic ingredients, by understanding for the good of both systems and show how they can work together to complement each other and create balance.

(7) Contemporary, Inspired by nature and personal expression creating a timeless selection of shades, finishes and textures to promote the pleasures of organic beauty. Soft earthy tones combined with a flush of modern hues for the desired impact.

Interview with the founder: Susanne Manasi Persson

1. What is your Inspiration behind launching your very own Make-Up Brand

My inspiration is my great interest in health combined with my profession as a makeup artist. My health interest has made me aware of the important microbiome that exists both in our gut and on our skin. From this insight, I naturally developed a holistic mindset of living a fully conscious and healthy life. I started being more aware of what i put inside my body as well as what i put on it, I would rather apply products with ingredients that give some moisturizing and healing benefits that works in synergy with my skin and the environment. And so, after a period of intense work and research to create the brand I was missing, Manasi7 was born.

2. What are you suggestions for creating a

– 5 Minute Easy & Quick Morning Look –

I would apply the Skin enhancer mixed with All over shine Cristallo and apply all over face to create an even base. Then apply Bronzelighter Roseate on cheeks, under chin and on bridge of the nose for added glow and sun kissed feeling. Last i would curl my lashes and add All over shine Cristallo on lips as a lip balm. – 10 Minute Day Look – I would start the same way as the 5 minute day look, but add Precision mascara on the lashes and an All over colour of choice as blush and lip colour.

– 15 Minute Evening Look –

Star applying the Skin enhancer on the eyelids as a base. Then apply the Silk finish powder on top. After that i would use the Custom eye and brow quad in Earth and clay and mix all the shades to create a smoky eye and fill in your eyebrows. If any powder falls down, you can easily just swipe it off underneath the eye. When finished with the eye shadow, start applying the base (Skin enhancer mixed with All over shine Cristallo) all over the face. Then i would apply the Bronzelighter Roseate on cheeks, under chin and on bridge of the nose, one Strobelighter of choice as a highlighter and one All over colour of choice as blush. After that i would apply the Silk finish powder all over the face. Then finish of with curling the lashes, applying the mascara and last apply one All over colour of choice on lips.

– or something in this direction like your tips and tricks on how to use or combine the products. Since you have worked for over 20 years as a make-up artist I can only imagine you have some great tips!

Since all the cream products are mixable, it is very easy to play around with them. You can for example mix in the Strobelighters into the Skin enhancers for added luminosity and you can mix in All over shine Cristallo with the All over colours, Strobelighters, Bronzelighter and Skin enhancer for creating a more dewy and glow finish. You can of course play around and create you own shade of the All over colours by mixing 2 or 3 shades. The Skin enhancer itself is a highly concentrated concealer that is made to be customized into your own perfect shade suitable for your complexion as it usually changes through the seasons.

3. Your advice on selecting the right shade(s) online

Most of our shades are buildable, which means you can either dab it and the result is very natural or you can apply in layers and you will get a high colour pay-off. That means that you can wear a lot of shades depending on the way you apply them. For instance our All over colour Fuchsine is a bright Fuchsia pink that is lovely on deeper skin tones, but when gently dabbed it is a beautiful “fresh natural rosy cheeks” shade suitable for very fair skin tones. So i would check the colour descriptions firstly instead of just looking at the pictures/swatches. We have both earthy neutrals and bold strong hues in our assortment.

4. Any exciting projects or launches in 2020 that you can share?

We have an upcoming launch of a beautiful new shade of the All over colours in February and some more new launches this fall.

5. What do you feel most grateful for?

I feel grateful for my health, my family and friends and that i am able to work with what i really love. I really do not need so much more than that to be happy


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