Intuitive Neel van Lierop conceptualized Inner Compass cards from a need to create a stylish and efficacious deck for the global community to use daily. Positively motivated and artfully alluring, the Inner Compass deck is specifically designed for every being from mystics to architectural designers. Our deck is a highly effective tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

In the truest form of community, the Inner Compass deck was created to help others finding their way in life. Using subjective tools and motivational language, each card is skilfully designed to be thought-provoking and insightful. Pull a card daily whenever you need guidance surrounding a specific situation or an unanswered question. Inspired by the art of ancient philosophers, Inner Compass was activated from combining the ancient wisdom of Maya Mythology, Taoism, Buddhism, and the I Ching. By arranging these sources along a specific algorithm, one card contains many levels of depth and interconnectedness so everyone can benefit from their use. Rooted in clear, affirmative imagery and forward moving language, Inner Compass cards lead you toward light, love and prosperity. May they guide you well along your path.

Inner Compass – Love cards

Inner Compass – Love cards are designed to help you experience love in all its possibilities and to strip away all the armor that you have built around your heart. Each card offers self-guidance, self-reflection and aspirational growth to amplify love and compassion for yourself and the community around you. Inner Compass – Love cards will guide you to clear spaces from where you can give and receive love absolutely. Inner Compass – Love cards were activated from combining the ancient wisdom and research tapped to create Inner Compass cards and combined it with Neel’s own journey and exploration for unconditional love. By arranging these sources along a specific algorithm, one card contains many levels of depth and interconnectedness so everyone can benefit from their use. Rooted in clear, affirmative imagery and forward moving language, Inner Compass – Love cards lead you toward not just romantic love, but the all-encompassing love that is your birthright as a living and breathing being. . May they open your heart and guide you to love.

Interview with the founder: Neel van Lierop

1. What is your Inspiration behind launching Inner Compass cards?

Like most people, I was raised with the idea of making decisions from the head. No one taught me to listen to my gut or heart. So, I ended up living as a control freak, and a sense of purpose was lacking. It required a physical and mental breakdown to change direction. Although I had been fascinated by self-help books (Eckhart Tolle), meditation and yoga in order to create a healthier lifestyle, it seemed hard to implement it. Only until I was hit by massive insomnia and the long recovery that made me realize I had to shift my control-freak mindset towards a more intuitive way of living. The tool that helped me most here were the Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue. I was surprised by their accuracy and started to analyze – hello again, strong overthinking mind – how it was even possible for cards to know where I am at in life. That research resulted in the deep belief that some other intelligence takes over the wheel, whenever you choose a card blindly. It makes no sense to involve the overthinking brain.

2. What do the cards represent? 

The cards are a tool to help you find direction in life. They are inspired and designed around forty-nine life themes and incorporate Buddhism, Taoism, and the Mayan culture.

3. How do you suggest we use the cards in our day to day life?

The deck can guide you on a daily basis, or whenever you need answers to specific situations or questions. The cards ask you questions and give you insights. Each of the 49 cards represents a single, focused theme and image. It is up to your subconscious to unravel the many layers of symbolism and universal wisdom contained within it. Created with the intention to aid your personal growth and awakening, the cards open up new life paths and guide your perception.

4. What was the story behind the love cards?

I created the Inner Compass – Love cards in order to offer guidance for all the relationships you have in life. I actually intended to create cards around a completely different theme. I tried to schedule time for it, but that never flowed smoothly. It came from my head. Then I found myself journaling in the middle of a very challenging love chapter in my life. Soon I saw that I wrote about three themes that would totally fit as three cards. So, the journey began and my love life became a rollercoaster mess. Every few days another big theme occurred to reflect on and implement the lessons around it. I was so happy when we finished the project. With a much-needed result: cards that offer guidance to get through all of this. It really ‘happened to me’, that’s how I know they had to be made.

5. Any exciting projects or launches in 2020 that you can share?

Nice of you to ask. I hope we will launch the Inner Compass app – a digital translation of the cards with loads of other features that I have in mind.

6. What do you feel more grateful for?

I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities to be my authentic self unapologetically more and more. I notice that this attracts purity and high vibe situations and connections. The world might need some more realness right now.

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