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Morning Routine of KŌNSE.

My name is Hanna Azirar, founder of KŌNSE Beauty and i would like to share my morning routine and the products I use which you can find in our market place.

Every morning, I try to start with a 20 min yoga stretch/meditation, followed by a glass of warm water with lemon. After my shower I start my beauty routine which consists of the following.

1.         Cleanse

During the summer period I like to use products which are light, help remove dirt, sweat and sunblock so I use a gentle cream cleanser to cleanse and condition my skin without dehydrating or irritating, leaving it looking soothed, purified and perfectly prepared for moisturising. I love this product because it contains Olive Leaf Extract, a powerful antioxidant and tonic and other powerful active ingredients.

2.         Detoxify

I like to use a lightweight, oil-free serum which can be absorbed quickly into the skin. This serum detoxifies the skin of not only traditionally targeted Oxygen free radicals but also ones caused by Carbon and Nitrogen. Now that my skin is feeling detoxified its ready to be moisturized.

3.         Wake up my skin with a massage

First thing in the morning I like to use my jade roller (which I keep in the fridge as I love its cooling effect). We know that face massage helps improve the blood flow in the face which helps delay onset of wrinkles. This skin-care massage tool dates back to at least the 7th Century as it was an integral part of the Chinese beauty regimes. The roller helps sooth and relieves tension which I tend to accumulate around my cheeks, forehead, chin and jaws.

4.         Hydrate

We know that moisture makes lines and wrinkles less noticeable and that we produce less collagen and oil as we get older. For me a nourishing, non-greasy facial moisturiser that noticeably improves skin hydration levels, without leaving residual oil or shine on the skin is key. I love the combination of Camellia, Rosehip Oil,  Aloe vera, Jojoba oil.

5.         Protect

For me it’s important to always wear (clean) sunscreen.  We know that the sun´s UV rays, even on cloudy days, damage and age the skin. I have been using NUORI’s Mineral Defence Sunscreen for over 1 year now and I honestly think it’s the best! This all-natural formula delivers broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It does not leave a thick white coat when applied and contains non-nano zinc oxide which ensures high protection with a soft sensory feel and sheer, non-sticky finish, making the sunscreen ideal for everyday usage. It protects your skin while reducing hyper-pigmentation and rebuilding the skins elasticity.

Please share your practice routine with us, here, by email, instagram… It will be a pleasure to listen and share it with the rest. For us, the Community is very important and making it grow among all is inspiring. Thanks for reading,


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