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Health, Beauty & Well-being during our events

From the inception of KŌNSE Beauty, COMMUNITY has been a primary and essential value for us. We were born with this concept in mind. Creating this space in which, through a  highly curated selection process, we share honest, transparent, organic and ethical beauty, health and wellness advice.

Throughout the years, we have researched, starting from a personal level to lead the lifestyle we desire: natural, organic, responsible and sustainable, followed by the creation of this platform which we hope can help others find the right information, inspiration and products most suitable for their skin, hair and in general for the entire body. Products that take care of us without compromising our health or the well-being of the planet.

It has been and continues to be an intense and exhaustive search which we bring here so that you can enjoy and take care of yourself day by day without having to go through all the trial and error and countless research hours which we have done for you.

We encourage people to find their own formulas, however we hope that our selection can act as a first step into clean and natural beauty giving you the right platform to find the best daily routines for you. We want to ease this process for you.

And with this idea of sharing, we recently organised our first event together with Nuori, one of our unisex brands specialised in freshly batched skin, body and hair care products.

With this and other events, we intend to create a space where like-minded people who are interested in learning more, have access to interesting workshops focused on health, beauty and well-being that allow learning more about this universes and gain information, resources and, ultimately, empowerment.

In this first exclusive and limited masterclass (especially limited due to COVID as we had to prioritise the necessary safety measures) we meet to learn about daily, simple and effective beauty rituals by Katarina, Nuori’s beauty specialist. Katarina presented the brand, values, freshness, production process. We love the fact that all their products are freshly blended in small batches every 10-12 weeks in the laboratories and quickly shipped to KŌNSE Beauty.

We also focused on sunscreens and the advantage of mineral filters over chemical filters, the importance of nanoparticles  and why we should prevent  certain ingredients from penetrating into the bloodstream  or how we should avoid ingredients that harm the environment such as oxybenzone.

Hanna, the founder of KŌNSE Beauty shared some useful insights about the concept of clean beauty, a topic which we previously covered in this article and will continue to cover due to its importance. We know that it is a topic that, in addition to being important, generates a lot of interest since there are many people who are in the process of transitioning to a cleaner, honest and respectful beauty. For this reason, sharing as much information as possible is key for us.

During the event, all the guests had the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the world of one of our brands, discovering their products, trying them and experimenting with the new additions to KŌNSE: the cleaner  Vital Foaming Cleanser y el Vital Unifier.  They also tried the sun-care products,  Sun Repair Serum y Mineral Defence SPF30.

A networking afternoon, with interested topics discussed and good conversations which we enjoyed with a nice selection of organic wines presented by Salut Wines.

Our first event, one of many we hope!

Being close to those who follow us and are interested in a holistic way of self-care, strengthens our desire to continue creating, contributing and growing to make this, to make KŌNSE, the place and platform to meet, learn, attend events , workshops, discover brands and professionals in the sector … and together, create a space of inspiration and growth.

Thank you for joining us,

KŌNSE Beauty.

Photography by Liz Evans.

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