Wilder Botanics was born out of a true love of herbs and an ideal of bringing vital, energetic and organic herbs and essential oils into our daily lives by creating a range of beautiful products for the whole body.

Each Wilder infusion has its own illustration of the herbal ingredients within it which is not only unique and beautiful but inspires a relationship between you and the herb. Over the many years of prescribing as a herbalist and naturopath, ideas for formulas to support the whole body were created , all completely natural and organic without the need for the deluge of chemicals and heavy metals which are found in most beauty products .

Each Wilder formula is hand blended and packaged with care and devotion. We are at our seedling stage and so excited about everything Wilder that we’re wanting to share with you .

We at Wilder have a heartfelt love of herbs.

Practicing as a herbalist and naturopath for the past thirteen years and having four children of diverse ages from teenager to baby has given us the inspiration for so many distinct ways in which to incorporate the healing benefits of herbs into our daily lives, and from this Wilder Botanics was born.

Our products are created from the finest organic wild crafted energetic ingredients, completely sustainable and recyclable. There are no chemicals or preservatives, just pure natural products for your body .

All our Wilder products are lovingly hand blended in small batches and we’re passionate about every bottled product .

We are a family run business a husband and wife team working together with awareness, on a journey with so many ideas for loving self care that is Wilder.

Interview with the founder

1. What does skincare  and wellbeing mean for you?

As a naturopath treating my clients as a whole, I realised that incorporating a beauty or self care regime was also a beneficial part of the healing process.

2. What is your daily self-care routine?

I start the morning dry body brushing , I’ve perfected the art of doing this really quickly now! Then showering in lukewarm then cold water.

I only splash my face with cold water in the morning , and then I massage our Wilder Day oil on my face and neck ,this I find really wakes me up and helps me to start focusing on the day..I only wash my face at night with a mix of ground oats and white clay and if I have time I make this into a paste and leave it on as a mask. Whilst having a Healing Spirit Soak  Another great mask that I absolutely love is a mix of honey, and matcha powder mix together. After the mask I apply Wilder Night oil which is richer and more hydrating , I massage this on my face, neck, decollate, elbows, hands!


3. You have a range of beautifully designed sustainable skincare and wellbeing products. What do you look for in these products that fits with your values? 

We formulate and make everything ourselves in our studio , using only organic , wildcrafted meticulously sourced ingredients and only preparing products that we feel bring whole wellbeing . The essential oils used in our day products are to uplift and support or ground and nourish you at night.

Our teas are all an extension of my practice as a naturopath and herbalist using only whole herb no husk, giving the most nourishing healing constituents  of the herb.

We only use fully recyclable ad biodegradable materials , no one use products . And we only develop products that we feel are needed.

4. What do the following terms mean for you? Brief descriptions 

– clean – nothing hidden

– organic – supporting the whole environment and our future

– natural – no chemicals, derived from nature

– sustainable – minimun waste

– ethical – conscious thinking and care about the journey of each ingredient. Supporting community.

5. What is the story behind the launch of your own natural and sustainable skin care and wellbeing brand?

We started around 4 years ago with just a few teas and a bath soak , we felt  we wanted to inspire people to become ‘Wilder’ to be more in touch with their environment around them in a field or in a city . Since then theres been a revelation!!

We have had the ingredients of our teas illustrated so the consumer could be more aware of the herbs and even forage for them themselves.

We want people to connect with the seasons and the wild herbs around them.

6. Any projects or launches planned for 2020?

So many! But all we feel are essential and products we ourselves know we need on a daily basis.

7. What do you feel more grateful for?

At this present time , our family and our health , we feel so privileged to have a home to isolate in , community, friends , for our NHS and everyone working on the frontline.



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