Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga

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Instant Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga (10 packets) – Get your brain going without leaving your body behind. Lion’s Mane and Chaga keeps the caffeine under control to support clean, focused energy.

Coffee is great for energy—it just often comes with a side of jitters and the dreaded mid-day crash. Lion’s Mane and Chaga support a balanced mind and body to avoid coffee’s dark side. You’ll have to find another excuse for mid-day naps.


Replace your regular old cup of coffee
Made with 100% organic Arabica coffee beans
Includes immune system supporting Chaga mushrooms
Tastes just like coffee, not like mushrooms
Ready to drink with hot water
Enhance with your choice of nut milk or natural sweetener
Blend in coconut oil or ghee for a creamier texture
Drink in mornings or early afternoons before a workout
Sip daily during endurance training


Organic Instant Coffee, Organic Lion`s Mane  (250 mg),  Chaga Mushroom (250 mg), Organic Rhodiola


All of our products can go in the trash. The boxes that hold our single-serve packets can be recycled, and the composite cans can be recycled as well.

The individual packets that we use are a food-grade paper/Aluminum/plastic-mix that is designed specifically to help keep the mushroom powders fresh and air-proof for up to 3 years. Unfortunately, there are not many recyclable options for air-proof, food-grade packaging materials. We are always looking for more eco-friendly packaging components and/or ingredients. If you have any suggestions we’re more than happy to hear them!


ORGANIC.WHOLE30.VEGANI.NSTANT Each product has an expiration date marked directly on the package or box that is typically 2-3 years from the production date.


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